Ah Christmas – there’s nothing like putting up the tree and admiring its beauty. There’s also nothing like looking in the ornament box and seeing that all of your ornaments are intact. I have a few Christmas ornaments that I have had for years and I’ll tell you, there are so many fewer now than when I first got them. Kids, cats and so many other things have happened to those poor ornaments over the years, leaving me with broken messes and a few less ornaments for the tree.

So, what are you to do when you (or someone else in your house) breaks a Christmas ornament? You upcycle it of course! I recently found one of my most treasured ornaments broken. I have had this thing for decades and I just can’t stand to think about parting with it now. So, I thought about looking for ways to repurpose it into a new ornament or item that I can continue to enjoy for a few more years. In my search, I found 10 of the most creative and festive ways to upcycle broken Christmas ornaments. I love trash to treasure projects, like these 20 ways to upcycle broken mirrors.

No matter how broken those ornaments are, chances are good that there is a great upcycle project to turn them into something new. From jewelry that you can give away as a wonderful holiday gift to glitter that you make from the shards of a broken glass ornament, I’ll show you some wonderful ways to upcycle those broken ornaments and keep from having to throw them out. And, you’re also going to want to look at these 25 gorgeous ways to upcycle broken teacups.

1. Upcycled Christmas Ornament Mosaics

Turn those broken ornaments into beautiful mosaics that you can use to decorate any number of things. You’ve seen DIY mosaic glass stepping stones and other decorative items…this is the same concept. You just take those broken shards and glue them onto anything you want to make your mosaic. This is a great way to keep special ornaments and display them for Christmas or all year long. And DIY mosaic projects are so easy to do.

2. Upcycled Broken Glass Glitter Ornaments

You can turn those broken Christmas ornaments into glitter and then use that glitter to decorate new ornaments. This is probably not something that you want to do with an heirloom ornament or other keepsake but if you have a regular old ornament or two that have been broken, this is a great way to upcycle them and turn them into beautiful new decorations for your Christmas tree.

3. Pom Pom Covered Broken Ornament

If the old ornament just has a small crack or is otherwise hangable except for one tiny flaw, you can cover it in white pom poms and turn it into a lovely DIY ornament. The little pom poms look like marshmallows which is perfect for decorating your Christmas tree. This is a wonderful idea for those old glass ornaments that you really don’t want to throw out but you also don’t want their cracks showing.

4. Upcycled Ornament Jewelry

You can also turn those old broken ornaments into beautiful necklaces and other jewelry. This is such a wonderful gift idea! You just take the broken pieces and assemble them into gorgeous homemade jewelry. These are super easy and really don’t require you to be highly skilled in jewelry making. You can find all of the needed supplies at your local craft store or at Walmart in the craft section.

5. Upcycled Broken Ornament Ornament

You can always simply add those broken pieces of your favorite Christmas ornaments to a clear fillable ornament and keep them forever. This is a wonderful idea for keepsake ornaments like those baby’s first Christmas ones, that you just can’t bear to part with. These fillable ornaments are really cheap at the Dollar Store and you can fill them with anything…including those old broken ornaments.

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