When you wake up feeling overwhelmed and go to bed the same way, it’s really time for a change. But who has the energy to stay organized when life is so hard? Maybe being on top of things would help, but where does a person start anyway?

Abby Lawson at justagirlandherblog.com shared her advice for ten simple habits that will help you stay organized. Instead of covering how to clean your junk drawer and get control of your closet, she starts with the basics. These are the steps that will help you feel more accomplished and relaxed at the end of each day. They are the building blocks for managing all the other little details of life.


I figured that I was just going to get into it again the next night anyway, so why bother? But during this month of intentionality, I began making the bed each morning, and I cannot believe the difference it has made. More than just making my bedroom look nicer, I feel like it gives me a positive start to the day– I’m beginning with order and a peaceful looking space, and it really helps to set a great tone for the rest of the day.


If making my bed is the thing I want to make sure I do right when I wake up in the morning, cleaning up the kitchen is the thing I want to make sure I’ve done before I go to bed at night. Admittedly, this is a habit I’m still working on. My natural inclination is to throw all the dishes in the sink, put the Cs to bed, and get working on blog things for the rest of the night. Like making the bed, though, having a neat and tidy kitchen before my head hits the pillow really puts me in the right mindset for keeping the rest of life organized and I absolutely LOVE waking up, going downstairs, and being greeted by a kitchen that is sparkling clean.


Okay, all my creatives out there will relate to me on this one. You’re doing a project, you put the finishing touches on it and then all of the sudden you feel the urgent need to move on to the next task ASAP, leaving all of your project materials strewn about to be dealt with later. Or you make lunch for your kids and as soon as you give them their plates you realize that you forgot to respond to that email, so you head to your computer, answer the email, browse around on Facebook, pin a couple of things on Pinterest and forget all about the mess you left in the kitchen from making lunch. Anybody with me? I do this ALL. THE. TIME.

Because I’m constantly hopping from thing to thing to thing, I get to the end of the day and my house looks like a tornado has blown through, and I wonder how in the world it got that way. I am currently trying to retrain myself to finish a task all the way through– INCLUDING CLEAN UP– before I move onto the next thing. When I do this successfully, I can plop down on the couch in the evening and be surrounded by a neat, clean, inviting space rather than mass chaos. It only takes a few more minutes, but it makes a huge difference later!


I used to be good at this before I had a smart phone. If I was heating something up in the microwave, I would use those few minutes to unload the dishwasher or wipe down the counters. Now that I have the whole world wide web at my fingertips, I am tempted to check email or browse Instagram instead of tending to the tasks that would help me keep my house in order. I am amazed at what I can get done while I’m waiting for my kids to get their shoes on or waiting for something to finish up in the oven when I commit to using my wait time wisely.


In our house, if we bring in something new, something else has to go. We live in a small-ish townhouse, so even a little bit of clutter makes it feel like a big mess. I am constantly purging and throwing things away or donating them so that we are not buried under a mountain of stuff!

Toys are especially like this. If I don’t stay on top of them, then I feel like they take over the entire house. The Cs know that when they get new toys, they will have to choose some of their old ones to give away. {As you can see above, there is no shortage of things to play with! They can afford to spare some!} If nothing else, committing to purging when you add something new helps to give a good reminder in case you tend to go a long time between bigger purging sessions. 🙂

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