It’s National Chocolate Week everybody, and we are, naturally, extremely excited.

The creamy, deliciousness of chocolate is more than enough reason to convince us it’s worth munching on, but did you know there are scientifically proven benefits of eating it too?

Cocoa is a highly nutritional food, making it great for so much more than our taste buds alone. It can improve our health, both physically and mentally, and even have a positive impact on our appearance.

Given chocolate’s impressive profile, it’s no real surprise there’s a whole week dedicated to the stuff. Discover our 10 benefits of chocolate now and celebrate International Chocolate Week guilt-free.

10 benefits of eating chocolate

1. Chocolate is good for your heart

Why are we always told dark chocolate is a healthier choice? Additionally to containing less sugar, dark chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa, which is rich in flavanols.

These flavanols are particularly beneficial for our circulatory system. They stimulate the lining of the arteries to produce Nitric Oxide, which works to relax arteries and reduce blood pressure.

The effects of flavanols on our heart have been proven in various studies.

Give your heart a break this International Chocolate Week and indulge in some high cocoa content dark chocolate.

2. Eating chocolate could help you lose weight

Could the food with a bad reputation for weight gain actually be the key to weight loss? It may sound contradictory, but chocolate has been proven to reduce appetite, encouraging us to eat less.

Indulging in a square of high-quality chocolate 20 minutes before a meal triggers the hormones that tell us we’re ‘full’ to be released, meaning we eat less. The same process after a meal will help prevent snacking later on.

Swap your fruity dessert for a square of chocolate this International Chocolate Week, and you may even shed a pound or two!

3. Reduce your cholesterol this National Chocolate Week

We’re always hearing about cholesterol levels in the news. International Chocolate Week is the perfect time to pay your own some attention.

Cocoa has been shown to drastically decrease the oxidisation of ‘bad’ cholesterol. When ‘bad’ cholesterol becomes oxidised, it can damage other tissues, such as the lining of arteries.

Reducing oxidised cholesterol will, in turn, reduce the risk of heart disease.

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