Let’s face it. Even if we are conscientious about keeping our house or apartment clean, there are places where we rarely think of cleaning. Sometimes, we just overlook the fact the item needs to be cleaned. Sometimes, we aren’t sure how to clean it so it gets neglected.

Whatever the reason, there are certain items and places in your bedroom that you should be cleaning, but totally aren’t. While the following list isn’t exhaustive, it does point out the biggest offenders and tells you exactly how (and in some cases how often) you should be cleaning each item on the list.


Lampshades often get neglected even if the lamp doesn’t. They seem awkward to clean and brushing a duster over them generally just makes the dust fly into the air before settling right back on the lampshade. The easiest and most effective way to clean a lampshade is simple though: Use a lint roller. Just roll it over the shade to gather up all the dust and put it in the trash where it belongs.


One thing that gets overlooked more than lampshades is mattresses. You can’t wash a mattress, so cleaning it becomes difficult. You want to tackle this in steps. First, vacuum, then spot clean, then deodorize, then protect it. All the steps are relatively simple and you can pretty much use whatever you already have around the house. Here’s a great guide to follow.

Carpet Stains 

Carpet everywhere can get a little stained, but you may let your bedroom go a little more than areas where guests are often. If you have stubborn stains on you carpet, you just need to use a vinegar and water mix, and have a little help from your iron. It’s really simple and even stubborn spots should come out.

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