If you recycle plastic, you may think you’re doing enough to protect the environment. It may shock you to hear that only 9% of the World’s plastic actually gets recycled!

With 150 tons currently floating around in our oceans, it’s clear recycling alone simply isn’t enough – we need to reduce plastic use worldwide.

This may seem like a mighty challenge, but a little goes a long way, and youcan make a difference by making small alterations to your daily lifestyle.

Ready for the challenge? Learn how to reduce plastic use for a more environmentally-friendly you with our tips below!

1. Get yourself a reusable water bottle

One million plastic bottles are sold every minute worldwide.

Buying a drink on-the-go is something we pay little thought to, but the collective consequences can be devastating.

It’s time to make a change!

Instead of buying bottled drinks when you’re out and about, opt for cans or drinks in cartons. Or, better still, invest in a stainless steel, reusable water bottle. It’ll last you years, and by taking a drink from home, you’ll save money too – all those pounds and pennies soon add up!

Don’t throw all those used water bottles away – read our clever ways to reuse plastic bottles for some truly genius ideas!

2. Bag 4 Life

Since the plastic bag charge came into play, the amount of single-use plastic bags has decreased dramatically. However, it seems we now have another problem – we’re buying excessive amounts of Bags 4 Life!

Whilst these are better for the environment as they last longer, it’s important to remember most are still made of plastic.

If you seriously want to reduce plastic use, opt for canvas Bags 4 Life. 100% cotton bags are much more environmentally friendly, and not only that, but they’ll last longer and look chicer too.

Who knew going plastic-free had so many additional perks?

3. Ditch the plastic straws

Plastic straws have been making the headlines a lot of late, and not in a positive way.

The UK alone uses a massive 8.5 billion straws every year, and as a result, they’re one of the most common items found on our beautiful beaches.

Plastic straws are nothing more than a habit for most of us – we don’t really need them.

We’re challenging you to ditch your plastic straws. From now on, try sipping your drinks without one. If you really can’t do without, get yourself some metal straws, which are reusable, or paper straws which biodegrade.

Read more: https://experthometips.com/reduce-plastic-use-environment