What are the best plants for your pergola? First, let’s quickly look at what a pergola is! A pergola is an open structure with pillars which support flat cross beams and lattice work, often covered with plants.

People use pergolas as a trellis on a walkway or protecting some outdoor living space. The best pergola plants grow fast covering the structure requiring minimal care. Pergola vines and plants vary in size, appearance and growing habit.

Most of these are flowering plants and vines which add color to the structure and landscape. Some gardeners combine plants with different blooming seasons to help extend the “season of color.”

It’s therefore paramount to ensure that the pergola design is strong enough to support several climbing plants. Although most climbing plants are self-clinging, others require some assistance to attach themselves to the pergola structure.

Below Is A Round Down Of Some Of The Best Plants For Your Pergola

Jewel of Africa Nasturtium Flower

The Nasturtium vine are available with various appealing colors like maroon, orange, salmon, yellow apricot shade and red. Besides, the combination of green leaves and the colorful flower makes the pergola look very beautiful.

They grow in yards, fences, trellis and as a garden cover. Full sunlight is a requirement for them to bloom from June to September. They are easy to grow and flourish if they are maintained with care.


Henryi clematis have beautiful daisy shaped flowers with dark green foliage that provide the best sight in summer. Its flower vines look very wonderful falling over a pergola. The flowers grow best when given direct sunlight.

It starts blooming in the start of summer and is seen throughout the summer. Henryi clematis reaches 6 feet and the flower has a width of 24 inches to 3 feet. This flower is quite stunning with a creamy color that is dark in the middle and it is favorite among gardeners.


The flowers of the honeysuckle have a fragrance that is nostalgic and it multiplies when dusk sets. It has more than 180 different species and a number of them are creepers. It is a large vine that grows rapidly. One single plant of the honeysuckle can cover a big sturdy pergola very easily.


This is one of the best climbing plants for pergolas. The plant will not only give shade and a warm sitting area, but also juicy grapes as well. It can be grown in a variety of climates. The varieties of grapevines are natives of central Asia, southwest Asia, America, and the Mediterranean and therefore the cultivars are widely available.

Blue Moon Wisteria

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