Some kids gulf down fruit and vegetables like no tomorrow, but for other parents, it’s a losing battle. Getting your kids to eat any fruit and vegetables, let alone 5-a-day, if they hate the things is no easy feat, but that’s not to say we should give up.

Fruit and vegetables provide children with essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, which helps boost their immune systems and prevent sickness, and vitamin A which promotes eye health. There are many other benefits, including improved digestion.

Despite this, the majority of children in the UK are not eating as many fruits and vegetables as they should be. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey found that just a meagre 8% of children aged 11-18 were getting their recommended five-a-day.

How many fruit & vegetables should children eat?

The NHS recommend all family members eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Similarly to meal portions, fruit and vegetable portions for children are smaller than for fully-grown adults.

A portion is roughly the amount your child can fit in the size of their hand. Aim for three vegetables and two fruit portions per day to give your child the nutrition they need.

How to get kids to eat more vegetables

Fruit is one thing, but vegetables are a different story altogether. If your child bulks at anything green, achieving that mystical 5-a-day may seem impossible.

If meal times are a real struggle, it may be time to try something new: hidden vegetable recipes. Yes, you read that right – all the goodness of greens, without any evidence of them being there!

Hidden vegetable recipe roundup

There are hundreds of recipes on the web that are packed full of vegetables unvisible to the human eye, perfect for fussy eaters.

From savoury snacks and meals to surprisingly healthy, sweet treats, we’ve sources __ of the best hidden vegetable recipes from across the web. They’re so delicious that getting your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables will never be a problem again.

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