Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t always fun.

In fact, some cleaning tasks can be truly unbearable. Expert Home Tips want to help make such tasks a little less unpleasant for you.

While we can’t offer to come and clean your houses for you, sadly, we arehere to offer advice on how to tackle your most dreaded cleaning jobs. With a few clever techniques, cleaning doesn’t have to be that bad at all.

Here are easy ways to tackle the 13 worst cleaning jobs.

1. How to change the vacuum bag easily

Our very own Expert Home Tips Editor, Colleen, said changing the vacuum bag was her worst cleaning job.

Colleen suffers from dust allergies, so this is obviously the main cause of her trouble. She added, however, that the mess caused also drives her crazy.

If changing the vacuum bag is your most-loathed cleaning task too, here are three tips to make it easier:

  1. Check the bag regularly. If you leave this cleaning task until the bag is bursting, the job will be much messier. If the bag has begun to bulge, or is bulging all over, it needs replacing.
  2. Take your vacuum outside! Try changing your hoover bag inside, and the mess will dirty up the surrounding area.
  3. Be as gentle as possible. I know you probably want to get this dreaded cleaning task over and done with asap, but if you want to keep mess to a minimum, it’s best to be gentle. Ease the hoover bag out rather than tugging and pulling to keep your home clean.

2. Cleaning the floors is one of the worst cleaning jobs

Hands up if you hate cleaning floors! I certainly do. As a surface that gets walked on repeatedly throughout the day, it definitely gets a hammering.

In order to make cleaning your floors a little easier, it’s worth always abiding by the three following rules:

  1. Clean up any spills asap to avoid tough stains.
  2. Get down on your hands and knees quarterly and scrub at tiles and lino. It may seem like an unbearable cleaning task, but it will make regular floor cleaning so much easier.
  3. Don’t put it off! Floors should be mopped at least once a week to prevent a build-up of filth.

3. How to deep-clean your washing machine

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about cleaning a washing machine is that it even needs doing at all!

It can be a pretty intimidating cleaning task if you don’t know where to start.

Luckily for you, Expert Home Tips’ Collette wrote a whole blog post detailing how to clean your washing machine – check it out!

4. The simple way to clean your oven

When we asked you what your least favourite cleaning tasks were on Twitter, there was one thing that came up repeatedly – cleaning the oven.

It’s a well-known fact that oven cleaning is an arduous task – so much so that people even pay to get their ovens cleaned by professionals!

There’s honestly no need to pay for help. Colleen’s guide, How to clean your oven the easy way, will get you cleaning like a pro in no time.

5. How to clean indoor plants

On to my worst cleaning task – cleaning indoor plants.

I have quite a bit of greenery adorning my home. While indoor plants look great, they get surprisingly dusty.

When I discovered you can clean indoor plants with a hairdryer, my whole cleaning routine became much more bearable!

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