Fridges – we all have one, but are we keeping the right stuff in them? Besides your regular fruit, veg and meat, there are some other weird and wonderful things that a bit of cold treatment will do wonders for too.

1. Keep fresh flowers in the fridge

Fresh flowers can be expensive, so it’s worthwhile taking an extra step to help them last as long as possible. Most florists have fridges that enable them to store fresh flowers and bouquets in cooler temperature to prevent them from wilting.

Well, what’s stopping you from doing the same at home? Storing flowers in the fridge is particularly effective in the Summer months, especially if you don’t have air conditioning.

Just make sure your fridge isn’t too cold – flowers don’t take too fondly to ice!

2. Homemade cosmetics

Do you like making your own beauty products at home? If so, be sure to check out our Homemade Deodorant recipes and DIY matcha beauty products recipes – they’ll do wonders for your skin.

As homemade cosmetics usually contain natural, raw ingredients, it’s likely they’ll go off if kept at room temperature. Just like the ingredients inside, homemade cosmetics really need to be kept in the fridge.

They’ll also be much more refreshing for skin if they’re cold when you apply them.

3. Keep lipstick in the fridge

20 lipsticks but only one set of lips? If you have lipsticks you rarely wear but can’t bring yourself to get rid of, the fridge is the best place for them.

Over time, oils and other ingredients in lipsticks may begin to break down, rendering your expensive lipsticks unusable.

The trick is keeping them cool, as this will keep oils intact and your lipsticks smooth and vibrant.

4. Sun cream

Have you managed to catch some of Britain’s flippant hot weather? We know it’s rare, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo the suncream.

Sun is such a rarity here in Britain, that our suncream supplies can often be hard to find. We like to keep ours in the fridge. Not only does this prevent any frantic searching, but it also keeps them lovely and cool – a refreshing treat for hot skin.

5. Perfect eyeliner hack

We have a whole article on eyeliner hacks, but one of the easiest by far is storing your pencil eyeliners in the fridge.

Although room-temperature pencils can be good for achieving a softer, smudgier look, they’re not practical for getting a perfect cat eye.

The trick to smooth, sleek fine lines is a cold eyeliner pencil. Sharpen it before use and you’ll get a perfect point that’s easy to manage.

6. Nail polish

Trying to paint your toenails with a nail varnish that seems to have clumped and become extremely sticky overnight – we’ve all been there.

This transformation is due to hot temperatures, which cause the consistency of nail polish to change.

The answer? Pop your bottles in the fridge (especially when you go on holiday) and they’ll glide smoothly onto your nails and give you a picture-perfect manicure.

7. Eye cream

It seems most beauty products fare better in colder temperatures, and another one of these is eye cream.

One of the main roles of eye cream is to reduce puffiness and inflammation – the cold temperature inside your refrigerator can help with this.

Store your eye cream in the fridge, and it will be more effective than ever on puffy, tired eyes in the morning.

8. Pillowcases

Long, hot day? There’s nothing better than diving into a freshly made bed. Oh wait, there is, cooled sheets!

On particularly hot days, we like to keep our top pillowcases folded in plastic bags in the fridge. This really helps alleviate feelings of stuffiness when you first dive into bed, and keep your head cool and clear.

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