Even if you’re not a limited space gardener, these DIY Flower Tower ideas are a perfect way to add a touch of drama to your home or garden!

1. DIY Petunia Tower

Create an amazingly beautiful DIY petunia tower with just a few supplies. The steps are easy to follow.

2. Rustic Flower Tower

For that ultimate rustic style, consider using some old metallic primitive pots to create a gorgeous flower tower.

3. Topsy Turvy Pumpkin Flower Tower

Make a funny looking topsy turvy pumpkin flower tower to showcase your flowers.

4. Pyramid Flower Tower

Use your DIY skills to create a pyramid planter like this. Not only it looks interesting but an amazing idea for those with lack of space. You can grow vertically other shallow root plants like herbs and greens in it too.

5. Stacked Plastic Pots Flower Tower

One of the best DIY flower tower ideas to follow for limited space gardeners who want to grow so many plants in so little space. Grab a few plastic pots, a metal rod and of course quality potting soil and your favorite flowering plants.

6. DIY Decorative Flower Tower

Create a stunning colorful flower tower to decorate your front porch or a balcony. 

7. Flower Tower with a Bird Bath

Make this excellent DIY Flower Tower with a bird bath on top using colorful pots with the help of this DIY post!

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