Think Velcro is just for kids? Today we’re here to show you otherwise, by sharing 16 weird and wonderful uses for Velcro you’ve probably never heard before.

You don’t want to miss these! Check out the list below to discover amazing uses for this iconic product today.

1. Fasten wrapping paper

Leave your wrapping paper without fastening the end, and it will end up in a right old mess. Prevent rips, tears and creases by fastening the tube with a strip of Velcro.

We normally use one strip at each end for perfectly preserved paper.

2. How to hang photos using Velcro

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για How to hang photos using Velcro

Did you know you can get different strengths of Velcro? The hook-and-loop fasteners mean it can be surprisingly strong – strong enough, in fact, to support paintings.

3. Keep rugs down

An upturned rug not only looks untidy, but it can be dangerous too. If yours keeps peeling up at the corners, Velcro could be the answer.

The size of the rug will determine how many strips you need. Attach a strip in each corner of the rug, then space several strips out in between each corner – the larger the rug, the more you should use.

4. Uses for Velcro for pets

Another of our favourite uses for Velcro involves your pet’s bowl. If your fluffy friend keeps pushing the bowl all over the place, leaving traces of food everywhere, it’s time to get out the Velcro.

Attach it to the bowl and food matt, and it will make feed times much less messy.

5. Fix a bag

Has your handbag seen better days? If the zip or fastening no longer works, don’t fret – you can attach Velcro to the edges to prolong its life.

It’s surprisingly secure, and, if you’re neat enough, it will be completely invisible.

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