We often talk about cleaning tips here at Expert Home Tips, but what about cleaning mistakes?

Now you may be sat there thinking, “Noo, not me! I’m a cleaning pro,” but cleaning errors are easier to make that you might think.

Even if you’ve been keeping your home spotless for years, the danger of dirt is that it’s not always visible. Your kitchen may sparkle and gleam, but cleaning mistakes mean it could be harbouring germs not visible to the human eye.

Check out this list of common cleaning mistakes to see if you’re a culprit. Don’t fret if you are, they are easily remedied!

1. Using washing up liquid on chopping boards is a big mistake

Washing up liquid gets rid of everything, right? Unfortunately not, especially in the case of raw meats.

Raw meat contains harmful bacteria that presents a risk to our health. These germs are easily transferred onto our chopping boards, so it’s important we treat them properly after every use.

Washing up liquid may do a great job on greasy pots and pans that have contained cooked food, but for the cold surface of our chopping boards, something stronger is required.

Soaking chopping boards in bleach after every use will ensure they are properly sterile, thus preventing any risk of bacteria transfer.

2. One of the biggest cleaning mistakes is spraying polish directly onto furniture

You may have got into the bad cleaning habit of spraying polish directly onto furniture. This will actually be making your job much harder, as the furniture polish will build up over time and be hard to remove.

Instead, spray first onto a microfibre cloth, then wipe over furniture. It will prevent any marks and stains from being left behind, plus you’ll use less product.

3. Are you using a feather duster all over?

Feather dusters are great for reaching high-up places. A quick flick with those soft bristles and ceiling lights and corner cobwebs can soon be swept away.

However, unlike dusting with a cloth, the dust is not actually removed. Instead, it is flicked off, falling down to lower areas of the room. This is why it’s never a good idea to use a feather duster to clean everywhere – instead of making the room clean, you’re just transferring dust from one surface to another.

4. Washing windows on a warm day

A sunny day may seem like the perfect occasion to finally get those windows clean. Washing them in the heat is, however, one of the biggest cleaning mistakes!

This is because the sun will evaporate the water and cleaning solution before you’ve had time to finish. You’ll be left with streaks, cleaning product build-up and all sorts – not exactly the gleaming glass you had in mind.

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