Turns out your washing machine isn’t just for clothes! Today we’re revealing loads of surprising things you can get clean in your washing machine, and trust us, you don’t want to miss them.

Don’t spend time scrubbing at trainers, picking hair off of dog beds and wiping down car mats – you can get these things and much more clean in your washing machine.

Start saving time and effort today and check out the surprising list of things you can wash in your washing machine below.

1. Shower curtains

patterned shower curtains

Are your shower curtains looking a bit worse for wear?

As they rarely get a chance to dry completely, shower curtains can soon become gunky, slimy and begin to develop mould.

They can be washed by hand, but by far the easiest way to clean them is in the washing machine. Wash at 30ºC with detergent and half a cup of white vinegar to banish any lingering odours.

2. Wash lego in the washing machine

Ever worry about the germs your children are coming into contact with?

Not only can you wash lego in the dishwasher, but also in the washing machine.

Place the pieces in a mesh bag and wash at 40ºC with a very small amount of detergent.

3. You can wash (some) yoga mats in the washing machine

Tough yoga session?

You might not realise it, but yoga can be a sweaty business. Sweat will seep into the fabric, providing a warm, moist environment for germs – yuck.

Luckily, most yoga mats can be washed on a cold, gentle cycle in the washing machine. Just be sure to check with the care instructions before you try it at home.

4. How to wash pillows

throw pillows vintage

Despite popular belief, even the inners of pillows should be washed.

We sweat a surprising amount at night. Heavy perspiration seeps into pillows, creating the ideal, moist and warm environment for germs to bread.

Fortunately, you can get your pillows clean in the washing machine. Wash them every 3-4 months, checking the care instructions before you do.

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5. The best way to wash your dog bed

Has your house developed a potent ‘dog smell’ that seems almost impossible to shake?

It’s probably time to give the dog bed a clean, and thankfully, it’s a lot easier than washing your pup – most dog beds can be thrown into the washing machine.

Wash at 60ºC with a doggy detergent and they’ll come out looking and smelling lovely and fresh.

Be sure to run a rinse only cycle afterwards to remove any lingering hair.

6. Car mats can be cleaned in your washing machine too

fitted car mats

Muddy car mats? This is also a dilemma your washing machine can solve.

All rubber backed car mats can be washed in the washing machine. We’d recommend giving them a good shake down first to remove any excess mud and debris. Then, wash at 30ºC with your regular detergent.

Avoid washing them too frequently as the rubber will wear down over time.

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