Even if you don’t drink wine all that often, those empty wine bottles can stack up quickly. While you could recycle them, why not repurpose instead? Thankfully, they’re the perfect receptacle for repurposing, allow you to get creative and make all sorts of fun things with them.

We’ve rounded up some of the best empty wine bottle projects so that you can make use of yours – and, if you don’t have any lying around, be sure to start saving them.

1. An Elegant Water Carafe

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One of the easiest ways to make dinner at home feel as if you’re dining at a fancy restaurant is to chill one of your favorite empty wine bottles and fill it with water. Use it as a carafe, and voila, your next meal is instantly more classy. You can take it up a step further by creating your own label if you want something that’s more personalized, onlinelabels.com has some great options.

2. Wine Bottle Lamps

It’s super easy to make a wine bottle lamp, and they’re ideal for a bar area in your home. All you need is an attractive, empty wine bottle and a few other items. Of course, if you only have a full one and need to drink it first, it’s best to wait until the next day to put it together. You can use any color or shape, but the more exotic looking it is, the better. You’ll need a drill and a glass cutting drill bit (cheap to buy at your local home or hardware store if you don’t have one already), as well as a long piece of string, and cheap AA battery powered LED string lights like this set available on Amazon. First, soak and then scrape off the label, and then drill a hole that’s large enough to thread your string from the LED light set through.

Drilling through glass can be a bit tricky, but if you use a light oil or water, it will help. Continue to dip your drill bit into it every few seconds as you drill, drilling the hole about a half-inch or so up from the bottom of the bottle. Once you’ve got a clean hole, wash the bottle inside and out, dry it thoroughly and then thread a short length of string through the hole and out the neck of the bottle. Tape the wires from the LED light set to the string, and then pull them into the bottle and out of the hole that you just drilled. Thread the LED lights into the bottle, one by one through the top and then shake it around a bit until they’re evenly spread. Now use a hot glue gun to fill in the hole, and to keep the lights and cable in place.

3. Chalkboard Vases

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This one is so fun. Forget about just sticking flowers in a wine bottle and calling it a vase. Instead, get some chalkboard paint. It’s available at most home improvement and hardware stores as well as Amazon, and converts glass (as well as wood, metal, plastic, paperboard, and hardboard), into a usable chalkboard. Simply spray it onto the wine bottle and add your own customized message and/or drawing that can be changed up whenever you like. You can add other decorative items too if you desire, like ribbon or burlap string.

4. Salad Dressing Server

A wine bottle also makes a great vessel for storing and serving salad dressing – far more attractive than that already filled bottle you got at the store. Just clean it thoroughly, dry and add your dressing. You can make it even fancier by adding a spout, available at houseware stores and on Amazon.

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