Check out this list of best flowering houseplants! They can add a bright touch to your home, growing them is similar to other indoor plants.

1. Begonia

Although begonias are considered as outdoor plants, there are many plants from begonia genus that makes great flowering houseplants. Most of them are easy to grow and good for beginners. Wax Begonia, Rieger Begonia, and Angel-Wing Begonia are among the best and most popular houseplants.

2. Bromeliads

Its colorful foliage and long lasting flowers can beautify any interior. It thrives easily without much care and the best thing is that you can grow this houseplant in low light conditions too.

3. African violet

African violets are easy to grow flowering plants that can be grown indoors for their beautiful flowers and foliage, they prefer warm climate rather than cold. Keep these plant in a spot where they receive filtered sun.

4. Scented Geranium

Scented geraniums with fragrant leaves and bright colorful flowers become incredible houseplants. However, growing geranium indoors is not as easy as other flowering houseplants we have here in this list. It requires a south or west facing window that receives ample sun and moderate watering.

5. Poinsettia

Growing poinsettias in your home can add a bright touch to your interior. Its multicolor bracts look more colorful than its flowers. This tropical plant requires, light, warmth and protection from drafts to thrive indoors.

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