There are more uses for dental floss than meet the eye. Dental floss is made of either nylon or Teflon, making it extremely strong. It rarely breaks, even when tasked with removing food from the tightest of spaces between teeth. Its strength, thinness and durability mean it’s not just useful for cleaning teeth, but for loads of other unusual things too.

Today we’re sharing 18 alternative uses for dental floss that you’re definitely going to find useful around the home.

Check them out!

1. Dental floss is great for sewing

Be it on holiday or elsewhere, we’ve all found ourselves with a simple sewing problem and nothing to fix it with at some point or another.

If you happen to have some dental floss hiding in your handbag or beauty case, you’re in luck!

This inconspicuous string is subtle enough to go unnoticed no matter what fabric you use it on. Its surprising strength makes it the perfect piece of kit for holding buttons in place, temporarily fixing handbag straps and even mending tents.

That’s one more reason to carry a pack wherever you go!

2. Cutting food

One of our favourite alternative uses or dental floss is for cutting birthday cake.

We have a lot of birthdays in our office, and thus, big birthday cakes make a regular appearance on our ‘Treat Table’. Now, instead of seeking out a cake knife in our cluttered, communal kitchen, we use dental floss.

It cuts seamlessly through sponge, icing and buttercream, creating perfectly even, neat slices.

Just be sure to use flavourless dental floss – unless mint-choc is what you’re after.

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3. How to fix a dripping tap using dental floss

Drip, drip, drip – it may not bother you at first, but give it half an hour and that dripping tap will drive you crazy.

Whilst dental floss can’t provide a permanent solution to the problem, it will quiet the constant dripping until you find another solution.

Best of all? It couldn’t be easier. Watch the video below to learn how to shut your tap up for good.

4. Cleaning is easier with dental floss

Some nooks and crannies are so small, nothing seems able to get into them.

Perhaps it’s a dirty keyboard, or crack in the table – whatever tiny place you’re tackling, dental floss is the answer.

The thin, yet strong fabric is powerful enough to get around the base of taps and into dips in furniture and surfaces to drag out dirty and leave your house super clean.

It’s pretty handy in the car too.

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5. Emergency glasses fix

Lost the screw from one of your glasses?

If you can’t get to an opticians right away, dental floss can help keep your glasses in place in the meantime.

Simply thread dental floss through the hole where your missing screw used to be, and double knot.

Dental floss is strong enough to hold your glasses together for the time being. If your eye-sight it really poor, this hack could be a true lifesaver!

6. Alternative uses for dental floss in the garden

If you’re a keen gardener, no doubt you’ve already discovered your favourite way to tie back plants and keep them upright.

However, we have a clever tip that we think will give your current favourite a run for its money – dental floss!

Dental floss is super strong, and the perfect tool to keep plants tied to stakes.

Give it a go next time you’re gardening – we think you’ll be impressed.

7. Remove sticky cookies seamlessly

Few things are more frustrating than spending time cooking up the perfect batch of cookies, only to ruin them when it comes to removing them from the tray.

Avoid catastrophic, cookie mishaps by using dental floss. The string slides smoothly under cookies to lift them off delicately and gently.

This is the key to flawless cookies.

8. Emergency bobble

Here’s one of our alternative uses for dental floss that people with long hair will definitely appreciate – an emergency bobble.

If you’ve ever tried using an elastic band as an emergency bobble, you’ll know it definitely doesn’t cut it – talk about painful.

A much better idea is to use dental floss. It’s smooth, strong, and the ideal substitute for a hair tie.

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9. Hang pictures

What do you use to hang pictures?

There’s no need to go out and buy special string, especially for smaller frames.

In fact, one of our most useful alternative uses for dental floss is for hanging pictures.

Its strength and durability make it ideal for hanging frames up around your home. Plus, you probably already have some hiding in your bathroom cupboard!

10. Loosen a ring

how to remove a ring with dental floss

Getting a ring stuck on your finger is one of the most panicking experiences.

Don’t worry, though – if you got it on, you can get it off again. All you need is a little helping hand.

First thing’s first – relax. Getting stressed will only cause your fingers to become swollen and make extracting the ring more difficult.

Secondly, grab some dental floss. Tie it around your finger below the ring, and pull upwards. This should nudge the ring, and encourage it to slide up your finger.

Panic over!

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