Learn about 18 Types of Basil that you can grow in your garden and containers for their appearance, aroma, and culinary and medicinal uses!

If you’re a basil lover, you’ll love to grow these basil varieties. All of them are edible and perfect for growing in containers.

1. Sweet Basil

It is among the most popular basil varieties to grow and is used widely in cooking its tender, aromatic foliage. Ranging from green to purple the herb can attain a height of 12-18 inches. Read these basil growing tips.

Growing Tips:

Use fertile soil that is rich in organic matter. Grow it in a sunny spot and keep it well watered. It does not tolerate harsh cold weather.

2. Genovese Basil

pesto recipes.

Growing Tips:

This variety is a bit cold tolerant and prefers 6-8 hours of direct sun. Well-draining soil with neutral soil pH is best for it.

3. Thai Basil

Popular in the cuisines of Southeast Asia–Thai basil has a touch of licorice with a strong flavor. The purplish stems and purple-veined leaves make it a showy plant. With time it loses its aroma, so use it fresh.

Growing Tips:

This plant is very susceptible to frost damage so move it indoors at the first sign of frost. This is also a sun-loving plant and requires moderate watering.

4. Napoletano Basil

Originating from the regions of Naples (Itay), its extraordinarily large leaves are used for wrapping poultry, fish or cheese. Add it to soups, sauces, fish and meat dishes as its a bit more spicier than a few other sweet basil varieties. It can grow up to two feet tall.

Growing Tips:

Needs full sun to flourish. In the growing season apply balanced fertilizer once a month. A light potting medium is suitable for planting.

5. Dark Opal Basil

Bored with the similar display of green foliage herbs? This exotic looking dark purple foliage basil can enhance the beauty of your landscape. Apart from regular culinary uses, you can steep it in vinegar or oil to add color and aroma to the dishes.

Growing Tips:

Place the pot nearby a sunny windowsill so that it can enjoy in the direct sun. Keep the soil evenly moist in the initial stage when the plant is establishing.

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