Don’t miss these 19 blazing tree stump planter ideas. A rigid, dead tree stump can become one of the assets of your garden, a striking focal point that can impress your guests.

Often the gardeners face a common problem– what to do with the saw cut stumps of old or diseased trees. Uprooting them is a laborious task and also not cheap.

In such a case, landscapers offer a variety of solutions. But you can solve it on your own by turning a stump into a tree stump planter.

Here in this post, you’ll find 19 blazing tree stump planter ideas that’ll entice you to have one in your garden

Plants for a Tree Stump Planter

You can create a fabulous planter out of a tree stump. Plants you grow in it may not necessarily be flowering and colorful ones. It can be a climbing plant, creating a great frame around the stump or even moss, if it is in a shade you can choose interesting foliage plants that thrive in less sunlight.

Pick plants that are suitable to the style of your garden. It can either be a few blooming or grassy species. Petunias, nasturtiums, pansies or whatever you like.

Ferns, a variety of wildflowers, cornflower, marigolds, phlox, there are so many options. You can grow other plants around it. This tree stump planter will not go unnoticed and become one of the most beautiful focal points of your garden.

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