If you are looking for a natural cleaning and disinfecting solution, lemons are the answer. Lemons can be used for all types of cleaning. Why are they so effective? Chemically speaking, what you and your tongue detect to be sour in lemons is citric acid. Lemons are quite acidic, more so than even orange juice or black coffee.

All of that citric acid in lemon juice does an incredible job at tackling all sorts of stains and grimy buildup, and it breaks them down to make them easier to wipe or scrub away. The natural acidity of lemons also serves as a potent antibacterial agent to cut down on those nasty smells, mold and mildew, and also helps to keep things staying cleaner longer. Their acidity creates a hostile environment for many different types of bacteria, including those that cause salmonella and E.coli. Plus, as some types of smells such as decaying vegetables in the garbage or cooking fish, are alkaline, the acidity combined with the strong citrus aroma, helps to neutralize odors.

Lemons are truly the ideal cleaner that can be used for almost anything, as you can see by this long list of cleaning hacks for each and every room in your house.

1. An all-purpose lemon spray cleaner

This is great for cleaning all sorts of things, from laminate surfaces to granite, marble, stone, porcelain and ceramic. Be careful about using it on wood, however, as it could cause discoloration – test it first by spraying a little in an inconspicuous spot.

To make it, you’ll need lemon peels, enough to fit in a glass jar of any size you happen to have. Place your lemon peels into the jar and then pour white vinegar over them. Allow the solution to sit for a couple of weeks, and then remove and throw out the peels. Dilute the mixture with a 1:1 ratio of water and then pour it into a spray bottle. You can vary the scent by adding almond extract, whole cloves or cinnamon sticks to the lemon peels in the glass jar.

If you don’t want to wait two weeks, you can also pour an equal amount of white vinegar and water with about a quarter cup of fresh lemon juice in a spray bottle for instant cleaning.

2. Stubborn microwave cleaning

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If you’ve got food that’s hardened in your microwave oven, it can be tough to scrub off, but lemon juice makes that infinitely easier. Just mix up three tablespoons of lemon juice with 12 ounces of water into microwave safe bowl and heat it up for 5 minutes. The steam will loosen grease and dried-on bits of food. Now, use a cloth or sponge to easily wipe them up.

3. Cleaner dishes & other kitchen items

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If you want fresher, cleaner smelling dishes, place a half of a lemon into your dishwasher before running it. You can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your liquid dish soap for extra de-greasing power when hand washing dishes. When you have copper pots you need polished, rub a cloth soaked in lemon juice on them and then simply buff with a dry cloth to polish.

For wooden bowls and utensils that have started to smell despite being cleaned, simply rub them with a piece of lemon. Don’t rinse. The lemon will take away that odor as it dries. Cutting boards can get really stinky as you probably use one to cut things like onions, crush garlic, prepare fish and cut up raw and cooked meat. To sanitize it and get rid of smells, you can wash it in undiluted lemon juice.

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