Have you found a small sachet of silica gel in something you’ve purchased? You might be tempted to throw it in the bin, but these silica gel packs have some pretty amazing uses that most people don’t know about.

Today we’re sharing 20 silica gel uses that you can try out for yourself! We’re also covering potential silica gel dangers to give you the confidence to try out some of these wonderful ideas.

What is silica gel?

Silica gel is a desiccant – also known as a drying agent. The small beads inside each sachet are able to absorb moisture or condensation.

You might be wondering what the purpose of silica gel is for manufacturers. Silica gel sachets can be found in anything from packets of pepperoni to a shoe box. As these products can be in warehouses and stores for quite some time, moisture can easily build up and spoil the goods. Instead, the packets absorb any moisture and prevent mould growth.

Uses for silica gel

1. How to dry out a phone

Ever dropped your phone in a pool – or worse – down the toilet? We’ve all heard about how rice can be used to dry out a wet phone, but the grains can get stuck inside the headphone jack and charging port.

To dry out your phone quickly, without risk of damaging the ports, use silica gel. Take a bowl and fill it with the packets of gel. Bury your phone inside so that it’s completely surrounded. Try to wait for at least 24 hours before turning your phone back on.

2. Camera lens condensation

The plastic housing of your waterproof camera should be completely watertight. This isn’t always the case, and condensation can start to form on the inside. This could damage your camera if left, and will almost certainly impact the quality of your photos and footage.

To keep your camera in good condition, take a silica gel sachet and carefully place it inside the plastic housing.

3. Safe loft & basement storage

Photos, VHS tapes, and other memorabilia can easily be damaged when stored in lofts or basements. This is because the air in these storage spots can be full of moisture.

To keep your belongings safe, store them in secure plastic containers with several sachets of silica gel.

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