There’s nothing like a blissfully organised dressing table.

With clips, lipglosses, blending sponges and god knows what else to fit inside, it’s important everything has its own individual place. Create a system that works for you, and getting ready will be so much easier. Whether it’s a rushed morning or a whole afternoon to beautify, you’ll always be able to find what you need.

Sound too good to be true? Try some of the 21 amazing storage solutions for haircare and cosmetics and get your dressing table looking as good as you do!

Storage solutions for makeup brushes

Some of us stick to one trusty makeup brush, whilst others have a set of more than ten. However many you have, make sure your makeup brushes stay tidy with these clever storage solutions.

Empty mugs & cups are a great cosmetic storage solution

Are you forever getting gifted mugs for birthdays and Christmases? If you’re becoming inundated with drinkware, consider using them for makeup brush storage.

They keep everything tidy and look pretty cute too.

Keep makeup brushes clean with this organisational hack

No one wants dusty makeup brushes. Keep yours clean and organised for flawless application by storing them in an empty straw holder. Not only will this keep them clean, but it looks pretty snazzy too.

Plant pots are perfect for organising

Plant pots are a pretty and sturdy place to store your cosmetic brushes. Place them on top of your dressing table for a blissfully organised space.

Other uses for a pencil case

Your school days may be over, but you’ll be surprised how useful a pencil case can be. Often with compartments and a sturdy zip, they’re a great way to organise all those makeup brushes.

Empty sunglasses cases provide a great storage solution

Sat on your old sunnies? Whatever you do, don’t throw the case out. Empty glasses and sunglasses cases are perfectly-sized storage solutions for makeup brushes.

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