Apple Cider Vinegar is the best all-in-one beauty product for anyone on a budget. Loaded with skin and hair-boosting properties, it can help clear irritations, condition hair and even whiten teeth.

Endorsed by supermodels and beauty bloggers around the world, it’s a product none of us should be living without!

Today we’re sharing the best apple cider beauty benefits to try for an even better you!

What is apple cider vinegar anyway?

Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from – you guessed it – cider or apple must. It contains what is known as ‘Mother of Vinegar’ a cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that is created during fermentation.

When buying a decent bottle of ACV, look out for raw, organic, unpasteurized and unfiltered vinegar that contains ‘The Mother’. A good quality bottle will be misty and smell very strongly, in fact, the smellier the better!

Is apple cider vinegar good for your skin?

Apple cider vinegar contains beneficial enzymes, bacteria, pectin and traces of minerals that are all excellent for your hair and skin. It’s also antibacterial, which is handy for treating and preventing a variety of skin conditions.

Ready to improve your appearance with this amazing natural product? Then let’s get started.

Apple cider vinegar beauty benefits

Now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for – here’s what apple cider vinegar could do for you.

1. Skin-brightening toner

Store bought toners can be extremely expensive, so why not try apple cider vinegar as a natural, cheap, DIY alternative? It’s a great option.

Apple cider vinegar contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid which help to stimulate blood flow and minimise the appearance of pores.

To make your own skin-brightening toner, combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water. Use a cotton wool ball or pad to apply it over your clean, dry face after cleansing. Don’t rinse the solution from your face – the smell will soon leave.

2. Aftershave for sensitive skin

It’s all in the name – aftershave is designed to tighten pores after shaving. If your skin is too sensitive for aftershave, grab a capful of vinegar and apply it to you face post-shave.

It’ll help calm irritated skin and dry to leave your face silky soft.  Don’t worry, the smell soon disappears too.

3. Soothing sunburn aftercare

Spent a little too much time in the sun?

Here’s a beauty secret that everyone should know…

…apple cider vinegar does wonders for sunburn!

Soak an old towel or tea towel in a solution of 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and four cups of water before gently applying to the sunburnt areas. Leave it on for as long as you stand (it may sting), and the apple cider vinegar will help balance the skin’s pH level and encourage accelerated healing and long-term relief.

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