Get inspired by following these 24 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas we’ve collected from around the web, click on the links given below to see the images and tutorials that you like to know about. Nothing beats a few sprigs of fresh herbs straight from the planter itself. But if you are short of outdoor space or have weather conditions that discourage you. Make an indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

1. TeaCup Herb Garden

Grow a herb garden in vintage teacups that you no longer use. Not only it will look good but this way you will be able to  grow your own herbs. Learn how to make a teacup planter here!

2. Hanging Herb Garden

Create a hanging Herb Garden on each window with hooks, drinking glasses and metal wire.

3. Kitchen Utensil Herb Garden

Give a Second Life to your old metal boiler or other kitchen utensils as a planter for your kitchen herb garden.

4. Tea Can Herb Garden

Have empty tea cans? Use them grow herbs.

5. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Every home has mason jars why not grow an indoor herb garden in them.

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