Not only are mosquitoes a summertime nuisance, but they are also a legitimate cause for health concerns including transmitting West Nile virus and the Zika virus to humans. The good news, you can continue to enjoy your time outside with these simple tips for how to repel mosquitoes outdoors.

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, droves of people head outdoors to soak up the sun. Whether it’s heading out for a weekend of camping or having friends and family over for a summer barbecue, spending the long summer days outdoors is a long-held tradition for many people. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who like to spend the warm summer months outdoors.

How to Repel Mosquitoes without Bug Spray

Just because the mosquitoes enjoy the warm summer months, doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire summer hiding indoors. There are numerous ways you can repel mosquitoes without having to resort to bathing in harsh, toxic bug repellents.

Here are several ways to repel mosquitoes while enjoying the outdoors.

1. Put Up Air Curtains

Traditionally, air curtains have been used to keep mosquitoes away from guests at customer entrances, concession stands, and even drive-up windows at many fast food restaurants. Their effectiveness at repelling mosquitoes has made them accessible for use in residential outdoor living areas. Air curtains are simple to install and maintain, and their impenetrable screen of air helps prevent bugs of all kinds from entering the area.

2. Install a Mosquito Misting System

Another great way to get rid of mosquitoes is misting systems. Mosquito misting systems use a few insect repellents to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests from your outdoor living space.

They can either be a drum-based or tankless system that you can program to activate on a schedule or by remote control. The system uses the active ingredient Pyrethrin, which is an extract of the chrysanthemum flower. The system is easy to install and maintain.(..)

3. Create Bug Repellent Luminaries

You can make luminaries out of mason jars and essential oils. They are incredibly easy to make and do an excellent job of repelling mosquitoes outdoors. Not only are these great for repelling mosquitoes and other pests during the summer, but they also create a beautiful ambiance for your outdoor living space. Here’s how to make your bug repellent luminaries.

Using a small knife, slice the lemons and limes and set aside. Next, you’ll want to separate the rosemary and place two of the sprigs in each jar. Fill the jars with water, ¾ full. Next add each of the oils to the jars, using ten drops for each jar. Place a slice of lemon and a slice of lime into each jar. Finally, place a floating candle on the top of each jar. If you need to add a little more water, so the candle is even with the top of the jar, you can do that now.

Once you finish putting the ingredients in the jar, put them outside and light them to keep mosquitoes at bay. Replace the tea lights when needed, and discard the fruit and liquid every couple of days.

4. Remove Standing Water

While natural enemies like spiders kill mosquitoes, they love areas that have a lot of standing water. They are attracted to these areas because they use the stagnant water to lay their eggs.

To prevent mosquitoes larvae from becoming adult mosquitoes, you have to remove their breeding ground and prevent them from becoming a problem every summer; it is important to make sure you don’t have any standing water in your yard. This includes leaving your dog’s water dish outside, birdbaths, ponds, and drainage systems. If you aren’t able to eliminate these types of sources, then it is important that you continually treat them with bug repellent. (..)

5. Use Portable Traps and Systems

An inexpensive option is to purchase a portable trap. These types of systems run on batteries and propane. A single unit can cover up to an acre, luring mosquitoes to the system and trapping them. It is a good way to get rid of mosquitoes constantly since the traps are meant to run non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can take up to ten days before you see a reduction in mosquitoes.

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