I always like to keep a bar of soap around the home. There’s something so old-fashioned and practical about them – not to mention they’re often much cheaper than fancy shower gels.

What I really love though, are the many unusual uses for a bar of soap. They really are very versatile things to have, even if you prefer liquid soap for personal hygiene purposes.

Discover our 27 alternative uses for a bar of soap today and you’ll immediately want to pick up a new bar – promise!

But first, a brief history of soap

Excavation discovers show us that the first use of soap (or at least a soap-like substance) could have been as early as 2800 B.C. More concretely, in the second century, Greek Physician, Galen, recommended it for both cleansing and medicinal purposes.

It wasn’t until the seventh century that soap became more popular, with soapmakers slowly appearing across Europe. Spanish and Italian soaps were made from goat fat and Beech tree ashes, whilst French used olive oil. After some time soaps, with the introduction of fragrances, soaps became much more sophisticated.

For England, soap came much later on during the 12th century. The royals set the trend with their finer, fragranced soaps made from imported olive oil.

1. How to stop my dog from biting furniture

How to stop dogs from biting furniture

Is your furry friend tearing your furniture to shreds? Or perhaps there’s a horse next door that won’t leave your tree alone?

No one likes the taste of soap – animals included. Rub a bar of soap onto the object that’s being bitten and it will be left alone in the future.

2. Use a bar of soap to hide holes

Soap could be just the trick to filling those unsightly holes left by hung pictures and mirrors.

Rub a bar of similarly-coloured soap into the hole to fill it out and disguise the gap – genius!

3. Make sewing easier using soap

Some fabrics can be really tricky to get through, even with a sharp needle. If you’re really struggling, a great hack is to rub the end of the needle over a dry bar of soap.

It will act as lubrication and make sewing easier.

 4. How to detect gas leaks

Smell something funny? If you’re ever worried about gas leaks, soap can help you find the problem (or lack of).

Rub soap over the pipe. If it bubbles, there’s a problem and you should call for assistance immediately.

5. A DIY mosquito repellant using soap

Bugs can be seriously pesky, especially in Summertime. If you’re out of mosquito repellant, try spritzing soapy water onto skin instead.

6. How to stop floorboards from squeaking

You know that one floorboard that always squeaks? You can fix it using soap!

Rub soap around the edge of the floorboard in question to silence it once and for all.

7. Use bar soap to make liquid soap

26 alternative uses for that bar of soap - the ULTIMATE list!

We really love this idea. Bar soap is often much cheaper than liquid soap – why not dilute it down and make your own?

Check out 21 Rosemary Lane’s easy tutorial to try it today.

8. Unstick a zip using a bar of soap

Don’t tug on that zipper! A stuck zipper is best treated gently, and we have just the thing.

Use a bar of soap to rub along the zipper and it should provide enough lubrication to release it.

9. How to refreshen smelly shoes

Crikey! Is that you? If your shoes are starting to smell, try using a bar of soap to freshen them up.

Wrap a bar of soap in a piece of kitchen paper, place inside the offending shoes and leave overnight. Wake to find them smelling as fresh as the day you bought them!

10. How to stop glasses from steaming up

Foggy lenses can be a real problem in Winter. If you wear glasses, this use for a bar of soap will definitely come in handy.

Wipe a small amount of soap onto your lenses, then use a piece of kitchen roll to buff off – it will keep them crystal clear whatever the weather.

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