Whether you’re living in the suburbs, a city high rise apartment complex, or rural America, these tropical and exotic houseplants will transport your home to a lush island or vibrant rainforest and bring your decor up a notch. Many of these intriguing plants are deceptively easy to grow and will reward you with spectacular color for years to come. Check out our list of 22 tropical plants you should add to your houseplant collection today.

1. Rubber tree

This plant is incredibly hardy and adds a truly exciting flare to any decor. The leaves are large and often variegated in color, making it a no brainer way to bring the tropics indoors. Be sure to dust the large leaves often with a wet cloth to keep them shiny. 

2. Amazon Elephant’s Ear

With its distinctive leaf shape and slivery tint, the Amazon Elephant’s Ear is a fairly easy plant to keep alive and can amp up your houseplant game. It can fill in an empty corner or serve as a focal piece in the center of the room. Be sure to keep it away from children and pets as it is toxic if ingested. 

3. Swallowtail Or Butterfly Plant 

This plant is wonderful to add to your collection if you are looking for an exotic, unusual twist on the typical tropical greenery. It has triangular-shaped leaves with naturally occurring pink and green stripes. Forget seasonal flowers that only bloom for a time, swallowtail will keep its color all year long. Be sure to place it in an area of indirect sunlight to avoid burning. 

4. Fairy Duster

The name conjures up images of delicate, bright flowers, that are sure to make a statement, and the plant doesn’t disappoint. The pink flowers are incredibly vibrant and bring color to your home. Plus, if grown outside on a patio or front stoop in the summer, this plant attracts tons of butterflies and birds which can make it an even better viewing opportunity. 

5. Adiantum Venustum

A unique twist on the typical fern, this plant is a little more high maintenance than your typical greenery. However, the delicate fronds and lovely pale green hue make growing this plant indoors more than worth it. It requires frequent watering to stay moist and the old, brown fronds will need to be trimmed in the spring to make room for more growth. 

6. Bromeliads 

Bromeliads are often considered the least finicky tropical plant. They still produce a gorgeous flower and can be found in many colors, but aren’t nearly as high-maintenance as other flowering plants. Just be sure not to overwater. 

7. Anthurium

Anthurium is a fairly well-known cultivar with many different varieties and colors available. Though it requires a green thumb, it is a great way to take your topical houseplant game to the next level. 

8. Madagascan Palm

This drought-tolerant plant will produce bright yellow flowers and a striking, almost tree-like stem with thick waxy leaves. Be sure to keep it in well-draining soil as it doesn’t do well in wet environments. 

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