Coffee-lover? Modern capsule coffee machines may produce great drinks, but there’s one thing they don’t provide us with – an abundance of coffee filters. There are so many great uses for coffee filters that they’re definitely worth having around the home – whether you use them for actual coffee or not! If you loved our many amazing uses for coffee, you’re bound to love these. Here are just a few (28 to be exact) of our favourite uses for coffee filters that you can start trying today.

1. Use coffee filters to get your glasses gleaming

I’m forever losing my glasses cloths. Luckily, coffee filters do just as good a job. They’re made from 100% virgin paper, so they shine glass without leaving any lint behind. Now, your office’s coffee filters will come in handy for more than just caffeine alone! Use a coffee filter to cover plates and bowls when microwaving, and they’ll be no mess made.

2. How to decant corked wine using a coffee filter

Accidentally corked your wine? Use a coffee filter to remove any debris before serving and your guests will be none the wiser!

3. Use a coffee filter to make a DIY air freshener

Air fresheners make the home smell lovely, but they aren’t half expensive! You can make your own using coffee filters. Add your favourite herbs/dried petals along with some essential oils into the centre of the filter, then bunch into a ball and tie with string. Hide around the home for beautiful freshness wherever you go.

4. Use coffee filters to protect china plates

Are you lucky enough to have a set of china plates? Keep your posh set in perfect condition for special occasions by sandwiching a coffee filter in between each one when storing. The paper will provide some cushioning and prevent scratches and marks.

5. Coffee filters make great nail varnish remover pads

Oops – out of cotton wool pads? You can use coffee filter papers instead until you’ve replenished your supplies. They soak up nail varnish remover well and are hard wearing, making nail varnish removal easy. They soak up nail varnish remover well and are hard wearing, making nail varnish removal easy.

6. Prevent your ice cream from dripping

Ice cream’s so delicious – I only wish it would last longer! When it does start to melt, make sure it’s not onto your clothes. Use a coffee filter to make a DIY cone wrapper and all those drips and stickiness messes will be absorbed before stains can occur.

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