Here are some items that are so everyday, we barely even notice them anymore. Today we’re sharing 29 new uses for everyday items to remind you just how brilliant these household objects are! From that old iron you’ve had for years to the fresh cotton buds you stock up on every month, these new uses will make you love easily-forgettable but undeniably useful everyday items all over again.

 1. How to keep flowers fresher for longer

This is one of our favourite uses for everyday objects of all time.

All you need to keep your beautiful bunch of flowers fresher for longer is some cling film and kitchen roll.

Fold the paper towel into a strip, wet with water, then wrap around your flower stems. Seal with clingfilm, and it will keep them hydrated until you have a chance to arrange them properly.

2. New uses for cupcake cases

Do you know any alternative uses for cupcake cases? We couldn’t live without them, especially in the car.

To keep drinks holders spick and span, pop a silicone cupcake case into each one – it will collect all the crumbs so you don’t have to!

3. Use candles to waterproof labels

Worried your labels might get smudged in the rain? With the help of a candle, you can do just that.

Once you’ve written your label, simply rub the candle over it to cover it in paraffin wax. This will make it weather-proof and keep your writing legible, no matter what your parcel may encounter en-route.

4. How to upcycle laddered tights

That old pair of tights you were going to throw out? Turns out they’re actually pretty useful. Pop the foot end over your vacuum cleaner pipe, and you’ll be able to use it to pick up small items.

It’s perfect for collecting a dropping tin of beads, pins or even hair grips.

5. How to increase your phone volume

If there’s one everyday item we couldn’t do without, it’s mugs – tea and coffee sure wouldn’t be the same without them!

One of our top, alternative uses for mugs is using them as a speaker – yes, really! Lie a mug flat and place your phone inside to give it an instant volume boost – a DIY speaker on-the-go.

6. Use rubber gloves to pick up pet hair

Anyone who has a pet should know this tip by heart.

Pets may be cuddly and cute, but my gosh they don’t half leave a mess everywhere. Our particular bugbear? Hair – everywhere!

To remove it in a flash, pop on a pair of rubber gloves and wipe over hairy surfaces.

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