You may be inclined to toss toilet paper rolls in the recycling heap, but these humble cardboard tubes have a surprising number of applications. And cutting down on household waste while letting your creative juices flow is always a worthwhile endeavor!

Here are 37 ways that kids and adults can put cardboard toilet paper rolls to good use.

1. Recycled Butterfly Oasis 

butterfly feeder

Attract a multitude of beautiful and bright butterflies to your garden with something made entirely from recycled household objects! In addition to toilet paper rolls, you’ll need straws, pipe cleaners, colored plastic bottle caps, and yarn.

2. Electrical Cord Holder

lead holder

Sort out your drawer full of entangled electrical cords with this easy craft. Just neatly coil your cord and place it inside an empty tube. Add some colored tape and a label to transform dull gray cardboard into something that’s both pretty and functional.

3. Easy Bird Feeders

bird feeder

For a quick and easy eco-friendly bird feeder to bring all manner of feathered friends to your yard, just smear empty rolls with peanut butter, roll in birdseed and slide onto a branch.

4. Cardboard Flowers

paper roll flowers

These decorative flowers would look great in a crafting room or home office, especially when added to a simple mason jar. All you need are scissors, a glue gun, buttons, cardboard rolls, and pages from an old book.

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