If your eyebrows hit the ceiling every time you open the monthly electric bill, you need to see this article. Electricity seems to cost more every year. While each increase might only be a penny or two per kilowatt hour, this adds up quickly to jaw-dropping figures. It’s worse if you live in a zone where you need A/C in the summer and heat in the winter.

To help you save money, Rinkesh at conserve-energy-future.com shared forty-one easy ways to lower your electric bill. Some tips require some work on your part, while others are simple things you can do today. Why not try a couple of these each week to see what a difference it makes at the end of the month? Plan how to pay less for utilities when you click the link below.

1. Install solar panels: This option may not be for everyone for its somewhat costly measures, but there’s nothing better than running on solar power for the environment and for your wallet. If you wish to cut your energy savings by more than 75%, this is the way to go.

2. Get a windmill: Well, this one might be tricky, but if you’re in a position to do this, planet earth will give you a big thumbs up. Naturally created energy is not only good for the environment, but once set up cost are accounted for, it costs you nothing.

3. Keep your temperature steady: Set your thermostat 2 degrees lower in the winter and 2 degrees higher in the summer. 72-74 degrees in the summer and 70-72 degrees in winter are suggested temperatures to set your thermostat to.

4. Check out energy saving apps: Apps like kill-ur-watts will not only keep track of how much energy you use, but give tips, advice, and resources to saving moolah each month on your energy bill.

5. Insulate your water heater: Adding a little extra love around your water heater can return huge savings. It’s estimated your fridge and water heater are the prime energy suckers in the home.

6. Tune up your fridge: Having your fridge receive regular maintenance checks will keep the coils running clean, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

7. Install a low-flow restrictor: Suppressing the amount of water used will help your hot water heater from sucking more energy out of your pocket.

8. Install dimmer switches: Adjusting the amount of light you need will not only set a certain mood, but will allow you to use the most appropriate amount of energy.

9. Wash clothes on cold: When you add hot water to anything, you’re enlisting the help of your water heater.

10. Use effective cook ware: Glass cookware cooks better than aluminum or others.

11. Thaw food: Having food thawed before cooking, will not only save time, but help reduce the amount of heat it takes to fully cook.

12. Regularly maintain your AC: Keeping your AC tuned and clean will ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.

13. Change your air filters regularly: Dirty air filters clog free flowing air, and make your AC work harder.

14. Close your chimney flue: If you have a wood burning fireplace, make sure it’s closed in the summer.

15. Air dry dishes: Instead of running the dishwasher, try air drying.

16. Insulate your garage door: Adding insulation to your garage door will keep heat and cool air in.

17. Check your weather strips: Energy savings could be seeping right out the front door with air leaks. Checking or replacing worn weather strips can help save on energy costs.

18. Clean your windows: Allowing as much natural sun to come through will heat up the house.

19. Cook on a fire pit: Barbequing is a great past time. However, try doing Dutch-oven cooking once in a while.

20. Reduce microwave use: If you can eat more salads, fruits, and vegetables, you’re not only being healthier, using little energy to cook.

21. Use fans over air conditioner: If you can manage delaying turning on the AC, go for it. Same goes in the winter months. Use floor heaters and blankets.

22. Turn off the lights: When you leave a room, turn off the lights!

23. Open windows: In the summer, opening windows in the early morning will cool the house without cranking the air conditioning yet.

24. Turn off the fans: If you’re AC is running, there’s no need to have two energy sources going at the same time.

25. Reduce TV watching time: Especially those of us with young kids, TV watching is not only a waste on energy, but children need to be focused on a variety of activities anyway.

26. Hang dry clothes: If possible, hang dry towels, sheets, and other items that take a lot of energy to dry. Clothes dryer uses a lot of energy and produces heat. Use sunlight to dry your clothes.

27. Rearrange appliances: Having major appliances next to each other can double the amount of energy being emitted. If your washer and dryer are next to your water heater, if possible, consider moving them.

28. Buy energy star appliances: Keeping your 1980’s freezer in the garage from your mother is guzzling down money compared to top quality and energy efficient appliances nowadays.

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