Want to grow air plants indoors? Check out the 7 most helpful Air Plant Care Tips before you start!

1. Find the Perfect Place

Place your air plants near a window. Make sure that it’s not a spot that receives direct sun. Bright indirect sunlight or fluorescent home lighting is what they need. A couple of hours of cool filtered or direct morning sun is fine. Excessive light can cause the leaves to turn tan, wilted and brittle, while inadequate light causes a delay in growth and paler leaves.

2. Maintain a Warm Temperature

Air plants prefer warm temperatures, ranging from 50-90 F (10-33 C). They don’t feel comfortable in the temperature below 45 F (7 C). Also, keep in mind that in a hot and dry environment, you’ll have to water and mist more frequently.

3. Use Supplemental Lighting

Providing artificial lighting is helpful if your plants lack a bright corner, in the house. Consider using fluorescent bulbs that are designed to emit full spectrum light for optimal plant growth. Install the fluorescent tubes about 6-9 inches above your air plant and let it glow for approximately 12 hours every day. To learn more about artificial lighting for air plants, check out this informative article!

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