What to do with all those herbs in the garden or patio? Here are eight herb mixes that are easy to make and way better than what you find at the store. Mixing your own herbs and spices eliminates industrial materials like silica dioxide, making this a healthy natural choice. You can triple any of these recipes and fill a little spice jar to use later.

Sweet Earthy Broth Mix 


Add this to a few pot pies or a stockpotfull of chicken soup.

– 1 tsp Dried Marjoram
– 1Tbsp Dried Lovage
– 1Tbsp Dried Oregano
– ¼ cup Minced Fresh Parsley
– Dash of Pepper
– Dash of Turmeric
– Pinch of Smoked Pepper Flakes

Also add to the broth: 2 Garlic cloves and 1 Whole White Onion cooked tender in 2Tbsp olive oil.

Rustic Red Chicken Rub 

Use this rub on fresh Chicken from the yard and roast in the oven. This recipe is for one whole chicken. Triple the recipe and save it in a spice jar.

– 3 sprigs of fresh thyme – strip the leaves off the stalk with your fingers until you have 2 tsp of leaves. Do not use the stalks.
– 2 sprigs fresh chopped Rosemary – chop the whole sprig, stem and all.
– 1 Tbsp dried Oregano
– 1 Tbsp Paprika
– 1 tsp fresh ground pepper

Stevia, Borage and Fennel Salad Sprinkle 


Put some of those rare herbs to use! This is great on a vinaigrette salad, allowing the sweet stevia (right),cucumber-like borage, and earthy fennel to really come through. You may use fresh or dried herbs, I prefer fresh.

– 10 Fresh Stevia Leaves, finely chopped
– 10 Fresh Borage Leaves, finely chopped
– 2 Fresh Fennel Fronds, finely chopped

Read more: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/homemade-herb-and-spice-mixes/