Apple cider vinegar has so many uses everyone should always have at least one bottle in the house (and if you don’t, you can get a giant bottle from here). It’s gotten a lot of press recently about its medicinal benefits, and offers a myriad of ways to use it in all sorts of recipes, but did you realize there are ways to use it to clean every room in your house?

1. Get rid of bathtub mildew

Battling mildew in your bathtub is no fun, but ACV can come to your rescue. You can use a 1:1 mixture, diluting it with water, for lighter stains, but for bigger problems, use its full strength and then spot scrub. If the entire tub has a lot of mildew and other stains, pour three cups of ACV under running hot tap water and allow the tub to fill until the stains are covered. Allow it to soak like these for at least four hours. Then, drain the water and the stains will keep easy to scrub off. It will also leave your tub nice and shiny! You can do the same for your sink to get it sparkling clean.

As ACV isn’t the most pleasant smelling, you might want to add essential oils for a nice, fresh scent. Eucalyptus or lemongrass are both fabulous, but it’s all up to what you prefer.

2. Mildewy shower curtain

A shower curtain with mildew looks absolutely disgusting and is nearly impossible to clean by hand, which is why so many people just toss theirs out when it gets nasty and buy another one. But did you know ACV can get rid of it fairly easy? Just throw it into your washing machine and add a cup of ACV to the rinse cycle. When it’s done, it’ll be almost like new.

3. Glass shower doors and tracks

If you don’t have a curtain, but doors instead, obviously you can toss them in the wash, but you can get them sparkling again with ACV. Use a 1:1 solution of ACV and warm water. Dampen your rag or cloth in it and wipe them down – it will get rid of all of those frustrating water spots that can seem impossible to eliminate too.

While you’re wiping, you’ll probably notice that the tracks of the shower doors aren’t looking so hot either, as they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. To clean them, fill up the tracks with two cups of undiluted ACV and allow it to sit for four to five hours. Afterward, pour hot water over the tracks, which will help flush away the gunk that’s now easily removed. If there are very tough stains, you may need to scrub some of it off with a small scrub brush or an old toothbrush.

4. Your toilet

Toilets can get pretty gross too, but you can clean and disinfect them using full strength ACV. Pour in two cups of undiluted ACV just before you go to bed. Don’t flush. Allow it to sit overnight and those stains will begin to disappear. Whatever is left will be easily scrubbed away. If you do this once a week, it will even help prevent water rings from appearing just above the water level too.

5. Bathroom fixtures

You can use ACV to clean the rest of the bathroom too, like door knobs, chrome faucets, and towel racks. Simply pour a small amount of undiluted ACV onto a soft cloth and wipe them all down to leave them clean and glistening. To clean mirrors, you may want to use an old newspaper, which helps to eliminate lint and other residues that a cloth can leave.

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