See these 7 balcony interior pictures for inspiration. Improving the Balcony Wall Designs is essential for a great look.

Balcony Wall Designs

1. Keep it Simple with Whitewashed Walls

A balcony looking bigger due to whitewashed walls, black wooden flooring that is giving it a deep look and glass railing.

Gray Walls and Large Tiles

The soothing gray color is making this balcony inviting. The dark neutral color on the walls and large tiles used on the flooring is making this small balcony perfect for morning coffee and lunches.

A Raw Look

For a raw look, you can leave a wall or two without plaster. This is a good idea as it will give a more natural look.

 Add a Green Wall

When it comes to balcony wall designs if you love plants adding a green wall on the balcony can be a good idea for you. You can also buy a faux plant wall.

 Keep it Simple

White walls, ceiling, a potted lemon tree, and stripped furniture are giving this balcony an exceptional look.

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