Car cleaning isn’t a job many of us like doing. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dirty – it’s hardly a surprise most of us put it off until our cars start looking ‘bad.’

Although most of us see car cleaning as more of a cosmetic chore, it also has many other benefits.

Regular car cleaning and maintenance is not only essential for road safety, but also our own health.

It may surprise you to hear that:

In Winter, car cleaning is more essential than ever

As winter often means driving in darker conditions, keeping our cars, and car windows in particular, clean is vital to road safety.

Wetter conditions mean rust becomes more likely. Preventing this is key to how well your car can continue to function.

Learn how to maintain during Winter in Collette’s guide.

Why cleaning your car is important in Summer

If cleaning your car is really important in Winter, it must be less-so in Summer, right?

I’m afraid not.

While dirt on the outside of your car won’t cause quite as many issues in the warmer weather, dirt inside of your car will.

Germs prefer warm environments, so a hot stuffy car is pretty much heaven.

Crumbs and liquids also become sticky in warmer weather, which increases the likelihood of bugs and infestations – yikes!

Our top car cleaning hacks

1. How to clean car air vents

There’s a surprising amount of dust and grime hiding inside those air vents.

Don’t adopt the ‘out of sight, out of mind strategy.’ Pick up a can of compressed air and it will make short work of the dirt hiding inside.

2. A Magic Eraser will remove dirt from your dashboard

Magic erasers aren’t just magical in the home, they’re pretty useful in the car too.

If you have stubborn marks or dirt on the plastic surfaces of your car, a Magic Eraser is just what you need to remove them.

3. An old toothbrush is perfect for cleaning small crevices

Your car maybe big, but you’ll need small tools to clean it really thoroughly.

For tough, sticky stains in small spaces such as cup holders, a toothbrush dampened with some soapy water will really come in handy.

4. Why you should line your car cup holders

Speaking of cup holders, a wonderful way of preventing dirt build-up in the first place is to pop a silicone cup holder inside each one.

This ingenious idea means crumbs and debris are caught and can easily be emptied.

If you want to keep your car clean at all times:

5. Baby wipes should always be kept in the car

Just like anywhere else, accidents can easily happen in the car.

To mop up minor but messy emergencies, we recommend always keeping the car stocked up with baby wipes.

They’re surprisingly good at removing stains, not to mention cleaning sticky hands.

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