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11 DIY Repurposed Planters from Filing Cabinets

Make expensive looking, and movable DIY RepurposedPlanters from old filing cabinets and save a lot of money you’d been splurging on large planters. 1. DIY Planter Using Cabinet Doors

25 Fall Flowers That’ll Spruce Up Your Garden This Autumn

Unfortunately, your peonies and daisies won't flower forever. The good news: It's almost time for mums, pansies, and all of your other fall favorites. An autumn garden can feature tons of color, including reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, and...

34 Colorful Succulents That Are Incredibly Beautiful

These Colorful Succulents are low maintenance and can pretty up your gardens and container arrangements like no other plants. 1. Sticks on Fire Botanical Name: Euphorbia tirucalli

Everything About Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Growing Tomatoes Indoors is easy if you plant the right variety, have a sunny window, and know all the requirements. Growing tomatoes indoors is the way to get fresh, homegrown tomatoes even if you lack outdoor...

8 Awesome Old Shoe Hacks In Garden

You won’t believe your old pair of shoes could be that useful in the garden unless you see these DIY Shoe Hacks we’ve here! 1. Make a Shoe Planter

8 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Backyard

Warm weather has finally arrived, and that means one thing: It’s backyard season. But after months of rain and snow, your outside oasis is probably looking a little more drab than fab. Before you call in the...

This Adirondack Cabin Will Make You Feel Like You’re Back at Summer Camp

Known for over-the-top color and pattern, interior designer Anthony Baratta heads for the Adirondacks and sets up one very well-appointed campsite. Anthony Baratta is a firm believer that a home should reflect its surroundings....

This Charming Garden Features the Prettiest Playhouse

This might be the dreamiest backyard we've ever seen. It belongs to Marta Potoczek, the Polish blogger behind the blog Lazy Sunday Cooking. Not only is the garden filled with beautiful blooms and fresh produce, but it also features a couple...

20 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That’ll Make You Want to Eat Outside All Season Long

Looking to breathe new life into your summer backyard barbecues? Try any of these outdoor kitchen ideas on for size. No matter how much space you’re working with, you can easily turn your patio or deck into the hottest hangout...

How To Turn Your Front Yard Into A Food Paradise

While grass is nice and ordinary for front lawns, have you ever considered how amazing it would be to turn that grassy spot into a delicious food paradise? Yes, it is a bit unconventional...


12 Low-Light Houseplants That Can Survive In Even The Darkest Corner

These low-light varieties won't want anything to do with your already-crowded windowsill. Check out the list below, then, once you've built up the confidence...