We’ve all dressed-up as a witch at some point for Halloween.

With the only real requirement being a witches hat, it’s an easy costume to pull together even at the last minute. It definitely won’t be winning any awards for the most imaginative, however.

The history of Halloween Witches

Although we often picture witches as being green-tinged cartoons with over-sized moles on their faces, in the 1500s-1800s, they were seen as very real and very menacing things.

Halloween was initially a time revolving around bonfires, lit to burn Harvest chaff. They later developed the deeper meaning of guiding Cristian souls in purgatory and a means of warding off witchcraft.

We wanted to give the standard plain black witch, with all its rich history, a new lease of life, and thus the challenge of completely transforming a plain witches hat was born.

DIY Decorated Witch Hat

In partnership with Tiger Copenhagen, we decked our witches hat out with glittery spiders, pompoms, cobwebs and golden glitter-glue galore to make a spookily show-stopping Halloween accessory.

The entire process was fantastically fun, and exceptionally easy. The transformation from start to finish took under an hour, and was dry and ready to wear the next day.

Here’s how we did it.


  • Witch hat
  • Spiderweb
  • Glittery pompoms
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Giant black glitter spiders
  • Small orange & black plastic spiders
  • UHU glue


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