Do you want to build a greenhouse for your patio, terrace or balcony garden, but due to lack of space you subside your plan? If yes, then you’re reading a perfect tutorial: Make your own greenhouse by this economical DIY hothouse idea in five simple steps.

Things you’ll need

Four similar sized window frames with clear transparent glass
One window of a bit smaller size but of same width
Wooden pallets and handle to open it
Drill, two hinges and screws

Gather all the items listed above. Clean the windows and paint the frames with your favorite color. Pick the windows one by one and drill holes in each frame so that you can screw and join them later to make a green house structure.

Fix and join all the similar sized windows from all the four sides together using screws. Leave the top and bottom part of the structure.

Put the smaller window on top of the joined structure and measure how much space is left open.

Take a pallet, cut it to the measured size and fix that on top of the remaining open space of windowed structure.

Screw both of the hinges on wooden board and screw the fifth window on hinge and also fix a handle on the frame of fifth window so that you can open and close your glassed green house easily.

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