Does your house smell as good as it looks? Whilst the interior may look welcoming, house smells are enough to make even the most gorgeous of homes unappealing.

Household odours are pretty common, and it’s not necessarily caused by uncleanliness. During the changing seasons, the humidity, lack of aeration and heating can quickly cause rooms to become stuffy or develop a musty smell.

Want to banish bad smells once and for all? There’s no need to go buying expensive air fresheners. Expert Home Tips have 12 handy hacks to help you eliminate all kinds of household smells.

Ready to make your house smell fresh? Let’s get started.

Bathroom smells

Bathrooms can, unsurprisingly, get pretty smelly pretty quickly. It’s not only the toilet that’s to blame, but the stagnant water around the sink, and condensation from the shower can make musty smells common.

1. Toilet roll refresher

One of the easiest ways to add a refreshing fragrance to your bathroom, is using essential oils. Add a few drops to the inside of your toilet roll tube and they will fight against unpleasant odours to leave your bathroom smelling fresher.

2. Toilet spray

Get your toilet smelling fresher than ever with a DIY bathroom spray. Today’s Creative Life’s No.2 Poo Spray is a real lifesaver, and will keep your bathroom smelling fresh no matter what goes on in there!

3. Toilet brush hack

There’s no avoiding it – toilet brushes are pretty nasty by nature. Keep yours smelling as fresh as can be, by squirting some scented cleaner into the bottom of the toilet brush holder. Not only will this keep the brush clean, but if you use something like Flash, it will give the whole room a lovely citrus smell.

4. Refresh your towels

If you follow our blog, you should already know how often to wash your towels to keep them fresh. Unwashed towels are not only unsanitary, but will make your bathroom smell damp and dirty.

To make them smell fresher than ever, wash them after every 3 uses, and throw in half a cup of baking powder for extra freshness.

Bedroom smells

5. Wardrobe deodorizer

Wardrobes are home to all kinds of smells – socks, stinky shoes, that dusty, old dress you’ve not worn in years.

Go into your kitchen and grab a few tea bags – they can be used as a wardrobe deodorizer. Herbal tea bags work best – something powerful with chai or cloves is ideal. Place them in your wardrobe, preferably hung over the rail . The herbs will absorb bad smells and release gorgeous new ones.

6.  How to refresh your mattress

If your bedroom looks clean, but smells rotten, the answer could be something you’ve not thought of – your mattress. To freshen your mattress in three easy steps:

  1. Sift a cup of bicarbonate of soda onto your mattress.
  2. Leave it to sit for 30 minutes.
  3. Vacuum over your mattress using the brush attachment.
  4. Check out our other mattress-cleaning tips!

Kitchen smells

7. How to remove fridge smells

Cheese – need I say more? It may be delicious, but it can be overwhelmingly pungent – a quick opening of a cheese-packed fridge is enough to leave your whole kitchen smelly…well, cheesy.

Fighting off bad fridge smells couldn’t be easier. Just place half a lemon on the centre shelf and it will make the whole thing smell fresher than you ever thought possible. Replace weekly to fight those extra-cheesy smells.

8. Smelly kitchen sink

Drains may be out of sight, but they certainly won’t be out of mind once they’ve started to smell bad. Luckily, the solution requires just two ingredients, which you probably already have in your cupboard – vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Pour one cup bicarbonate of soda onto the drain, then follow with two cups of vinegar. Let this bubble away happily for five minutes, then flush repeatedly with very hot water.

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