Cigarette smells are almost harder to get rid of than smoking-addictions themselves! They can be extremely stubborn, but they’re no match for us here at Expert Home Tips.

Whether you’ve moved into a property once owned by a smoker, managed to kick the habit yourself, or just having Mum pop over to visit, it’s time to tackle those smoking smells once and for all. Learn how to get rid of cigarette odour the easy way today, with our top 14 methods.

How to mask the smell of cigarette smells

Perhaps your Gran is coming over to visit, or you’re hosting a posh dinner at home – you’ll probably want to freshen things up a bit.

If you smoke in the house, and want to temporarily reduce the smell of smoke in your home, there are several quick techniques you can try.

1. How to get rid of cigarette smells using a towel

This clever tip is really easy and works a treat with fresh tobacco smells.

Dampen a clean dishcloth in a bowl of vinegar, wring it out thoroughly, then wave it around in the area where the smoking smells are worst.

The cloth will absorb and counteract some of the smells, leaving the room smelling neutral and clean.

2. Remove all signs of smoking

Even when a cigarette is no longer lit, it will still make the environment smell stale and smoky.

The quickest way to get rid of smoking smells? Remove ashtrays and cigarette butts from the room. Dispose of them in the outdoor bin to immediately make your room smell fresher.

3. Open windows and doors

The key to getting rid of tobacco smells? Fresh air, and lots of it.

The day your guests arrive, open all the windows and doors to give cigarette smoke a chance to escape and fully aerate your room. It should help freshen up soft furnishings too.

4. How to remove smoking smells with an air freshener

Air fresheners aren’t able to remove smoking smells, but they will help mask them whilst your guests are round.

Even better, get an air freshener that sprays a perfumed scent into your room periodically to keep it smelling fresh all day long.

You seriously have to check this one out…

5. Remove tobacco smells with this weird hack

Another quick and easy way to eliminate some more-recent cigarette smells that are still hanging in the air is using bread.

Saturate a piece of bread with white vinegar and place in a bowl in the smelly room. It will absorb and neutralise the odours to leave your home smelling clean.

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