Improve your cleaning routine by using essential oils for simple, natural homemade cleaning products that are easy to customize! Here’s everything you need to know to clean your home naturally with essential oils.

When I initially switched to natural cleaning supplies, I was uber minimalist in my approach. I got rid of the toxic toilet bowl cleaners and the fake fragrance all-purpose sprays and instead used…basically nothing. White vinegar. Baking Soda. Castile soap. A few good tools. There wasn’t much in my simple cleaning caddy, but I got the job done.

While these cleaning staples still serve me well six years later, I’ve gradually amped them up a bit. For one thing, having a baby presents all kinds of new messy situations, and you need a little (or a lot) of extra cleaning and disinfectant power! And although I don’t mind the smell of vinegar, I’ve also discovered that pretty scents help motivate me to clean.

So I added fragrance and cleaning power back into my cleaning supplies by using essential oils. Katelyn of Oils by Katelyn walked me through the top essential oils for natural cleaning and gave me some recipes to start using around my home. Here are some of the invaluable things I’ve learned about cleaning with essential oils:

Why Clean Your Home with Essential Oils?

1. They’re Safer Than Regular Cleaning Products

Many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that are harsh for your skin, respiratory system, and the environment (both in production and when they get washed down the drain as you clean). DoTERRA essential oils (the oils I use) are sustainably produced and much safer to use–especially when you have young children in your care!

Essential oils are effective at killing germs and cutting grease, but they aren’t harsh. When you’re using essential oils you don’t have to worry about whether or not your products mix while you clean. There aren’t any deadly combinations of essential oils like you get with, say, bleach and ammonia!

2. They’re Cost Effective

When you skip the cleaning aisle in the grocery store, you’ll also save money. Essential oils are highly concentrated, so a small bottle goes a long way. You only need to add a few drops to your homemade cleaning solutions to get results.

3. They’re Customizable

Is there a scent you love, like spicy fir or juicy grapefruit? Use the essential oil in your cleaning routine and you’ll find the experience much more enjoyable! You can rotate out essential oils for the season, using clove at Christmastime or lemongrass in the summer. If you suffer from headaches or seasonal allergies, add lavender to your cleaning bottle and breathe in deeply while you work. Is someone in your house battling a cold? Try cleaning with peppermint or eucalyptus–you can clean and relieve congestion at the same time!

Using essential oils lets you tailor your cleaning recipes to suit your preferences, support your family’s health, and avoid toxic chemicals–all while saving you money. Lots of wins there!

Making Homemade Natural Cleaners with Essential Oils

If you’re just starting out and want a few key oils to buy, try oregano, peppermint, lemon, and rosemary. These four oils are excellent for cleaning and disinfecting (all of them are antibacterial, and lemon and oregano are also antiviral.)

The OnGuard concentrate that doTERRA sells also makes an excellent all-purpose cleaner. The concentrate contains plant-based surfactants, rather than chemical, and has a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. The spices make it smell a bit like Christmas. It’s lovely!

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