You don’t need a big yard to have a great garden; it is even possible in smallest of space. Take a look!

If you’re looking to exercise your green thumb but don’t have acres of land, have no fear; a great garden can bloom even in the smallest spaces! All it takes are a few creative techniques, and you can be well on your way to flourishing greenery. Read on to find out some strategic ways to cultivate the most out of your space.

Create Levels and Depth

Create more space by making different levels in your personal patch. In simple words, divide your garden into sections! The division will create an illusion of a large garden– It will also make your garden look lively and interesting.

o this by planting in tiered beds or adding soil mounds. Also, grow large shrubs or small trees wherever the division is intended. For a more organized look, use stones or lines of grass to separate the different sections of your garden. This is a very good idea for small patios or rooftops. You can also grow grasses in containers.

Another way to add space is by growing your plants vertically. Make a living wall or trellis using wire, bamboo or even pockets of netting. Plants like herbs and vines can easily be transplanted here. If you have a column-like structure, you can make a garden tower that grows florals like orchids.

Pro Tip: Care for your vertical plants by targeting their roots when you water them. This prevents wastage from the runoff you’d get when watering from the top.

Food is Your Friend

An edible garden gives you great versatility regarding what you can plant, despite the limited space. Compared to a garden full of wide patches of grass and non-edibles, planting what you can eat requires less water and constant mowing. Plus, edible plants tend to be less picky about where they are planted. And the best thing is the organic harvest that is healthy, fresh, and organic.

Herbs like rosemary, oregano, basil and the like can grow almost anywhere- you can place them in small tin containers, tiered beds and planter boxes. Juicy tomatoes are just one example of a plant that grows well in hanging baskets or pots. Acid-loving plants like blueberries thrive in containers because it’s easier to control the pH level of the soil. Even larger veggies like lettuce will free up space, simply because they are harvested very quickly.

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