Summer – ice pops, bbq’s, ants. In their tens and thousands, our paved back gardens and summery-smelling homes can quickly be overrun by these little critters.

Marching in unison, on a perpetual path – they seem to come from nowhere and without warning. Despite us knowing little about these harmless insects, they make us feel dirty, infested, ashamed. We’re compelled to get rid of them, and fast.

It’s easy enough to head straight to the shop and pick up a product that will kill the poor critters. These pest control solutions are usually relatively effective, however only on the ants in sight. The rest of the ants, and indeed, the problem causing the ants, remains untreated and identified.

The trick to effective ant removal, is finding the cause and source of the ants. An appropriate method for eradicating them from the home can then be chosen, keeping ants permanently at bay.

What causes ants in the home?

What causes ants to invite themselves into our homes, anyway?

Well, every ant in a colony has a strict role to play. None of these roles involves annoying humans, you may be surprised to hear! No, it’s the job of providing food to the queen ant that lures these critters inside – this is why most ants will be found in the kitchen. Most ant nests, where the queen resides, are located outdoors, it’s only when we tempt them in with valuable resources that they become a problem in the home.

To prevent ants from using our houses as a fridge, we should try to remove all traces of food and drink. Sugary items, such as sweets, fizzy drinks and those obligatory Summer ice creams present a real problem, as ants can pick up such odours with their antennae. This means it’s essential to always wipe up spillages properly, and keep packaging tightly fastened.

Another rare and more serious cause of ants in the home is the nest being located in rotting wood in the house’s structure. Ants are fond of making their homes in rotted wood, as it is easy to burrow through and provides warmth and protection.

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