There’s nothing better than fresh-baked bread, but a standard oven is a boring strategy for making yours at home. With just a weekend of work, you can build an earth oven for baking homemade bread, pizzas, pies and more, right in your backyard.

What Is An Earth Oven?

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για earth oven

Never heard of an earth oven? You might know it by a different name: clay oven, cob oven, adobe oven, Roman oven, Quebec oven, or El Horno. Regardless of the terminology, an earth oven is a structure built from a combination of clay and straw that, when heated with fire, retains scorching hot temperatures for several hours so that you can bake bread quickly and evenly with little risk of burning it. Since they get hotter than standard convection ovens, earth ovens can caramelize crusts and give them a chewier texture.

7 Benefits Of Baking With An Earth Oven

Why go through the effort of cooking with an earth oven when the one in your kitchen is more convenient? Below are some of the advantages of bringing your breadmaking outdoors.

1. Better For The Environment: Earth ovens are made from all-natural components, meaning that you can simply disassemble them when you’re done without creating any trash. Likewise, the ovens are heated with wood, not a nonrenewable fossil fuel.

2. Provide Opportunities For Artistic Expression: The basic building technique for an earth oven can be modified any way you prefer, and you can personalize the appearance any way you prefer. Consider building a backyard dragon, a troll, or merely making a beautiful design. You can also modify your plans to create a warming bench that takes advantage of the oven’s ambient heat.

3. Cheap To Build: The clay used to build earth ovens is cheap and abundant in the natural world, making it easy to gather your own before beginning.

4. Bakes Better Crusts: The conductive heat of an earth oven produces even cooking conditions that lead to thick, chewy crusts without tough spots.

5. Perfect For Social Gatherings: There’s no better way to make a cookout stand out than centering it around a backyard earth oven. Let everyone design and bake a personal pizza, or bake sourdough bread for serving homemade sandwiches. The choice is yours!

6. Simple To Construct: Earth ovens are simple to construct even if you don’t have building experience, and they are very forgiving of imperfections.

7. Off-Grid Cooking: If you live in a place without consistent electricity, an earth oven might be the perfect option for baking.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για earth oven

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