When you work hard growing, maintaining, and harvesting plants, fruits, and vegetables in your garden, it’s natural to worry about it over the winter. After all, you don’t want all of your time and energy to be reversed due to cold temperatures. Luckily, there are ways to protect your garden from the dangers that frost presents during the cold weather.

What Is Frost?

Frost is a common occurrence as the weather gets colder, but sometimes it’s easy to get confused with other weather conditions. Frost occurs when it’s a clear night and the temperature approaches freezing. This causes the surface temperature of plants to dip below the freezing mark, which is what causes what we know as frost. This is characterized by ice crystals that are white in color. It’s important to remember that this can occur with temperatures that are above freezing.

Protecting Plants and Gardens from Frost

Now it’s time to discuss how to actually protect plants and gardens from frost. Since these temperatures and conditions are unavoidable in many areas, it’s important to know what to do before the cold weather strikes.

Cover Your Garden

Covering your garden may not look all that glamorous, but it is effective in helping protect against frost. This doesn’t have to be with anything fancy — newspaper, cardboard, or even bed sheets will do the job just fine. First, lay sticks on top of your garden if you have some available. If not, lay the covers directly on the plants. This is best done before dusk in order to trap the heat where you want it to stay. It’s important here to ensure that the covers extend down to the soil on all sides. Once the morning comes and the frost around the area has thawed, you can safely remove the covers.

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