Had a bit of a waxident? Today we’re showing you how to flawlessly remove wax from clothes, carpets, glass the easy way.

Candles add an enchanting glow to any setting. Spill them, though, and they’ll produce a ghastly mess that’s anything but magical.

Although you may think spilt wax on your carpet, clothes or furniture means they’re ruined for good, there are a few methods that work to completely remove waxy mishaps.

Want to learn the best way to remove wax? Keep reading…

How to remove wax from clothes

Got all dressed up for your dinner party only to spill candle wax down your beautiful blouse? Don’t panic. Here’s how to remove wax from clothes quickly and easily at home:

  1. The first thing to do is go and change – wax removal is much easier when the garment isn’t being worn. Once you’re clean and proper, pop your garment into a plastic bag in the freezer.
  2. After ten-minutes or so, remove your garment. The sub-zero temperatures will have completely solidified the wax , which may enable you to chip it off in one go. Lay the item of clothing onto a flat surface, then use a blunt knife to scrape the wax off. Remove as much as you can, before moving onto the next step.

3. Now, place a piece of kitchen roll onto your ironing board. Lay your garment, wax side        up, onto the board, then place a piece of kitchen roll over the stain. Set your iron on a        medium heat, and iron over. Move your paper each time wax is transferred onto it,              replacing the sheet periodically.

4.  When the wax is removed, treat with a stain remover and wash as normal.

How to remove wax from carpet

Attempt to remove wax from carpet using traditional cleaning methods, and you won’t get very far. Water and wax don’t mix well, but luckily for you, there’s something that does! Follow the 3 step guide to learn how to remove wax from carpet flawlessly.

  1. Remove everyone from the area! If people walk over the candle wax, it may crumble and be trodden into the carpet, making it much harder to remove.

2. Let the wax cool and solidify completely. Next, place a sheet of kitchen paper over the        stain. Plug your iron in, and use a medium heat to iron over the wax. Be sure to change      the paper regularly to ensure you are transferring wax onto the paper, and not back            onto the carpet.

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