Designers on do-it-yourself TV shows make decorating look so easy. They slap some paint on the walls, add a few pillows and some strategic lighting, and they’ve effortlessly transformed a space. This is especially true for outdoor spaces, which, with the right design aren’t just grass, some bushes, a grill and patio furniture; they’re oases.

Having a well-designed outdoor space can turn your house into a home, adding curb appeal and even more value to its worth. Lighting plays an essential role in outdoor design, as it can have multiple functions: It adds beauty, acts as security and allows you to use your backyard well into the night. Even though lighting design in an outdoor space can seem tricky, you don’t necessarily need the help of a designer to create a beautifully lit space.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

When looking at lighting your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to not just look at the types of lighting available, but also how much they cost. Consider buying the best quality lights you can afford. The higher quality they are, the longer they’ll last, and in the long run, you’ll get more bang for your buck than if you constantly have to replace cheaper lighting fixtures. Using higher quality fixtures may also mean that you have to use fewer lights. This is especially handy when you’re lighting a larger area, such as a path. Better lights may cast off more light, which means you can get away with using fewer of them.

Use the exterior of your home for inspiration to help you pick out decorative lights that blend in with the style of your house. Selecting lights for their form as well as their function will help you create a stylish atmosphere.

Don’t Overlook These Outdoor Lighting Functions

Adding outdoor lighting has more benefits than just making your yard brighter. It can also enhance your outdoor living area and cover up any blemishes that may exist. This is particularly true for outdoor furniturethat may be easily weathered. It’s usually cheaper to light a space than to replace furniture, so this is a good way to transform your backyard without spending an arm and a leg. While the basic function of a light is to illuminate an object, different kinds of lights offer different levels of functionality, so it’s helpful to think about what you want the lighting to do when you create your scheme. Choosing to highlight a few of your outdoor features can make your backyard come to life. Whether it’s a water feature, a sculpture or an ornamental tree, a well-placed light fixture can help make a dramatic statement.

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