For many of us, our hair is our pride and joy. Whether you prefer long, luscious locks or a short, choppy bob, our hair is often as impactful on our style as the clothes we choose to wear.

Clothes require adequate care to keep them looking good, so it makes sense that our hair does too. Today we’re showing you how to take care of your hair on a daily basis to keep it looking and feeling healthy. We’ll also be sharing some natural hair care tips to give it an extra boost from time-to-time.

How to take care of your hair

Think you know how to take care of your hair? You could be making some BIG hair care mistakes!

Many of us have bad habits that can contribute to damaged hair. Make sure you heed our advice if you want strong, healthy hair that looks and feels amazing.

1. Don’t sleep with wet hair

Are you guilty of rolling into bed with wet hair on those nights where anything other than watching TV seems too tasking? We know how you feel, but you could be making a big mistake!

Sleeping with wet hair may save time in the short run, but it can really damage your hair in the long run. It can cause bacteria growth, acne, and even hair loss.

2. Avoid tight styles

Are you never without a high, tight ponytail for work? It may be worth rethinking your hairstyle.

Tight styles can put pressure on hair follicles and, over time, lead to hair loss. It’s best to avoid repeating the same hairstyle too often, as it will cause repetitive strain on your scalp and will also cause breakages.

Along with varying your hairstyle, try using bobby pins instead of hair ties wherever possible as these are much more gentle.

3. Pat not rub

Another haircare mistake many of us make is when it comes to drying our hair.

It’s important to remember – no matter how tight for time you are – to always pat your hair dry and to never aggressively rub it with a towel. Rubbing, along with the texture of the towel, are a match made in hell for hair. It’ll cause split ends and frizz as you’re working in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Patting might take longer, but it’ll save you time (and inches!) in the long run.

4. Avoid over styling

When you throw a piece of meat onto the grill, the heat changes it significantly. Whilst our hair doesn’t respond in exactly the same way as a sausage, it also experiences changes when hit with heat.

Over styling with heat tools can dry hair out and cause breakages, making it dull and brittle over time.

To prevent your hair from looking lacklustre, stay away from styling tools as much as possible. Air dry your hair instead of using a hairdryer, use plaits and braids to create waves, or best of all, leave it completely au natural!

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