There are loads of clever money hiding spots, and today we’re sharing the best ones with you!

Whether you’re looking for places to hide money at home, on holiday while you paddle in the sea, or on your person, we have a solution for you.

Check out our money hiding spots now to keep your dosh safe whatever you’re up to.

1. Hiding money on the beach

beach miami

Of all the money hiding spots, this has got to be one of our favourites.

Going to the beach is so much fun, but it isn’t always easy. Not only are there all those towels, buckets and bottles of water to take with you, but it’s always a tough negotiation deciding who’s going to stay and look after everyone’s belongings whilst the rest splash about in the sea.

We have a solution:

Store your money in an empty suncream bottle! Once it’s empty, wash it thoroughly, then remove the cap, and pop your notes, coins and even keys inside. If you have a few of these you could even store mobile phones inside too.

Now your money is completely disguised, so there’s very little chance of it being stolen, enabling you to relax and have fun.

2. Hide money in a sanitary pad packet

Another wonderful way of hiding money – especially in your handbag – is in an empty sanitary pad packet.

This a wonderful solution for obvious reasons – it’s one of the most unexpected hiding places ever.

It’s a great way to store notes when you’re on the go – just be sure to reseal the packaging to keep your money hidden.

3. Money hiding spots you can wear

money hiding spots

Wearable money hiding spots are perfect for keeping everything out of view whilst travelling.

A money belt is an easy way to keep everything organised and within reach whilst also keeping it safe from pickpocketers. Having your valuables so close to you will make your valuables much safer.

4. Hide money in your shoes

Don’t need access to your money for a while? Hiding it in your shoes could be the perfect solution. Notes will be out of the way and unreachable by any prying pickpockets.

Just remember to take your money out whilst out-of-view – the toilet cubicle is always a good idea.

5. Velcro your bag

This isn’t exactly a money hiding spot, but it will provide you with extra protection when you’re out and about.

Attaching some stick-on, hard-duty Velcro to your handbag will make it more difficult to open. Velcro can be surprisingly strong and will require real force to tug open, which will alert you to any unwelcome pickpocket hands.

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