One with spots, one with stripes – if you’re anything like me, you’ll be forever finding lone socks at the bottom of your laundry basket.

Where they all go remains a mystery, and what you’re meant to do with them even more so.  Well, no longer – give your mismatched socks a new lease of life with one of these inventive ideas.  It’s friendly for the environment, too!

1. Craft a wearable cleaning cloth

Odd Socks

All out of cleaning cloths?  No problem.  Grab a sock – be it holey, lacey or any other kind – pop it over your hand like a glove, and there you have it.  Now you’re free to go about your cleaning as usual, without having to search for your misplaced dustcloths every five seconds.

Use your fingers to get into small nooks and crannies, and your palm for large, flat, areas.  Its soft surface is great for shining up wood so don’t be afraid to apply polish liberally.  With all those odd socks lying around, you’ll never need to buy cleaning clothes again!

2. Style your hair in a fashionable up-do

Taking something ugly like an old sock, and turning it into a beautiful, beauty-blogger worthy bun is so satisfying and surprisingly easy, too.

Whether it’s date night dinner,  your bestie’s Wedding or Interview day, this hairdo is sure to turn heads – just make sure to wash your sock, first.

3. Protect your floors and footwear

Children walking in wellingtons

Cream tiles and muddy boots don’t mix well, and don’t we know it! The perfect solution?  Slip a pair of old rugby/football socks over your shoes before venturing outside, making sure they’re completely covered.  Go out, get muddy, and once you get back, slip off your socks to reveal spotless shoes.

You’ll never need to spend time scrubbing over the sink in an effort to remove stubborn stains from laces and mud from between sole treads again.  Not only that but if you’ve got a spot of painting to do, the same trick will ensure no shoes get ruined in the process.  How handy is that?

4. Make a perfumed potpourri pouch

Now if this isn’t ironic, I don’t know what is!  Your ‘smelly old socks’ can be made into something that will actually enhance the scent of your home.  This is a great one to do with kids, as it’s incredibly simple and will mean they need to do a round up of any single socks they’ve left lying around in order to get started – win, win.

5. Cool down with a covered ice pack

Odd socks hanging out to dry

We’ve all experienced muscle pain.  We’ve also all experienced the unwelcome chill of an ice pack placed directly on our skin – not a nice feeling.  Well, we have the answer: just slide one into a fluffy sock and you’ll get all the benefits of the reduced swelling, without the nasty ice burn.  In fact, you’ll now enjoy your ice packs so much, you’ll be bumping into things on purpose!

6. Chill out with a sock stress ball

Long day at work?  Don’t take it out on the hubby – make a sock stress ball, instead!  Those odd socks provide the perfect material for these pocket-sized stress busters, as they’re durable and comfortingly soft.

You can play around with patterns to find a sock print that’s pretty andpractical.  With such an easy solution, there’s no excuse for you to be stressed ever again.

7. Act it out with a sock puppet

Odd socks made in to bat puppets

Err…why didn’t I think of this before?!  A kid-friendly version of the ‘Wearable Cleaning Cloth’, now the little ones can get crafty too and make a cast of wearable puppets. Mismatching socks need no longer be a problem – in fact, the crazier the combo the better.

Whether you opt for a guitar playing monkey or a nut grabbing elephant, get creative and bring your socks to life.

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